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January 27 2011

Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon go back to the Dollhouse. MTV Geek speaks to the J-Mo "hive mind" about the coming Dollhouse one-shot.

Love all things Whedony. Not buying this, though, as my economic depression budget doesn't include adding to a stack of unread picture books.
If you didn't already know the trademark joking sarcastic Whedon humor, they would come off kind of rude. lol :P

Edit: well maybe not, I reread it and it's fine. I don't know what I was thinking previously.

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When is this series starting? I'm sure I asked my comic book guy to get it for me, but I need to be doubly sure! lol
My brain is saying April, but my brain has been wrong before.
First sentence of the second paragraph: "This March, series writers Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon return, once more, to this vision of the future with a one-shot from Dark Horse..."
This a little bit off-topic to this particular thread, but it's related to Dollhouse and since Whedonesque seems like the best place for this kind of question, I would like to ask if anyone knows and could tell me in what way does the complete series R2 Dollhouse DVD set differ from the individual sets for season 1 and 2 in terms of packaging and content? Is it basically do 2 individual box sets wrapped together in a special cardboard slipcase sold for a slightly cheaper price or does it come in a special packaging with all the discs placed in one box set? And what about special features? Does it include all those from the separate sets (with perhaps even something new) or on the contrary is something missing? And do they still include the comic like in the earlier editions or is that already sold out? Thanks in advance for any info. ;-)
They are so funny! I'm gonna miss Kilo though, I wonder how she and Mag get along? Also, who's idea was it to turn her gay? So many questions we'll never have answered now...
Anuris, I can't answer the question about packaging or the comic, but the special features are the same across all sets. The only difference is that the Blu-Ray version has a commentary from Tim Minear on "Getting Closer".
I own the BD, so I assume its the same. It's just a slipcase for both the two previously released seasons, and it does indeed include the comic. Very pretty. :)

JAYROCK, its the type of interview it is. Very structured, no flow and all facts/answers. It makes for reviews to seem quite blunt when compared to the longer discussion pieces we're used to.

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