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January 28 2011

Make your own Buffy Season 8 motion comic. It's the demo edtion of the software that's on the Season 8 Blu-ray/DVD combo. It's strangely addictive.

I see a typo; "Buy the new Buffy the Vampire DVD today!"
Look, I don't know what they're selling, but I'm buying!! :p
But this looks good, hours of fun.
I was going to post this about 3 days ago but I thought it would have already been posted, you win this time Simon, but i'll get you next time muwahahaha.

On a less psychotic note I wish this would hurry up and get a UK release date, knowing there is a Buffy DVD/Blu-Ray out there which I don't own makes my heart bleed :(
Damn, it's Adobe AIR. For some reason, my laptop has been one of a few that apparently simply won't run AIR properly. I've never been able to use an AIR application before.
Teeny learning curve to get anything good out of it, but Simon now needs to be whapped upside the head for setting that procrastination trap. It's as bad as those Hogwart's Dress-up Dolls someone introduced me to during NaNoWriMo.
Ekk, this may be terrifying to a few. Once upon a time...:)
I've been watching these motion comics lately and apart from being loving season eight even more from doing it, it made "The Chain" an even more affecting piece of writing. In terms of voice acting, it takes a couple of episodes to get used to it and I probably would have swapped Andrew and Xander around, but its mostly solid. Buffy was always going to be the hardest character to direct/voice.

And! This is interesting. I haven't downloaded it yet but it reminds me of "3D Movie Maker" already. :p
The Blu-ray/DVD for this (with comic) arrived in my mailbox yesterday (from a Buffy-related, creative writing contest I won). I've opened it, but I haven't actually run it through my player. I'm hesitant about the whole affair, but if I don't enjoy it, at least it was free. :)
Kuckleball, have you tried Adobe's AIR support page to troubleshoot what the issue is?

I'm not a fan of the motion comics as a whole, but this does look like it could be cool and fun. I'm definitely going to download it and try it out at my home computer when I get a chance.
I can't believe they said "Buffy the Vampire." Ask anyone in my English class - that's, like, one of my PRIMARY pet peeves. Fail.

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