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January 28 2011

Interview with Steven DeKnight. It covers Spartacus, Dollhouse and The Man.

Great interview, thanks for posting! I liked hearing about his experiences with location shooting and the differences between cameras they've used and how they incorporate the green screens in the show. I enjoy learning the logistics of how they make the show work, very interesting. Can't wait to see the new episode tonight!
So JM could possibly get the Spartacus invite...
I'd rather see Tony Head get invited to Spartacus. I think he'd make an awesome Marcus Licinius Crassus!
I rather like the idea of JM in Spartacus! Make that call Mr
James. Spartacus.
I approve.
More James always good. And with this show we'd probably get more James in more ways than one. ;)
Speaking of, has Marsters done full frontal yet ?

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