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January 28 2011

(SPOILER) The final "Behind Buffy Season 8". Comic Book Resources talks to Scott Allie about the finale. There are some mild teasers/spoilers about what's to come in Season 9.

Was just about to post this.
Hah! Beat you. For once... :)

I hope CBR does more of these Behind Buffy interviews after each issue for season 9.
Interesting. That answers at least 2 questions I had. This has been a good series of interviews, I hope they do more for S9.
Great answers. I enjoyed this a lot.

Sunfire, I'm curious about the two questions this interview answered for you.

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Dammit, I thought she was still in love with Tara. How dare Buffy Season 8 gave me multiple interpretations. That never happened on the show, oh wait.
Yeah that was the specific question. The others were more general wonderings about hands-on the editing was and how the writing process worked.
Yeah, I love hearing about the process. The bit about Joss doing a once over with all the scripts before they get to Allie is interesting.

Though the writing 'safety net' didn't work so well for me during Safe or Twilight--both times Giles' characterization was seriously off and the exposition he delivered made him sound idiotic. Oh look, there are mountains. Oh look, I have no idea how evolution works. (Oh look, Emmie's being snarky.)

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I don't think those are problem with the process. Just the writing itself, it's seemed to me.
My understanding of the process is that Whedon works with the scripts, so he is a part of the writing in the way he re-wrote scripts during the TV series. That seems to be his process for the comics, too. The TV series writers have often said there'd be a scene they'd get complimented for writing or a line that people loved and it'd be a Joss line (he's uncredited, but his hands, his writing, are all over the work). Safe always struck me as Joss-lite when it comes to Giles' portrayal. Compare it to how Joss writes Giles in The Long Way Home and the differences are glaring: voice, economy of speech, seamless execution of exposition (the important plot information is delivered through character interaction rather than just a jarring info dump)--the hallmarks of Whedon's writing seem absent in Safe.

Also, hmm... the writing is the process to a degree. They aren't easily separated.

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Scott's answers relating to Spike were spot on. I'll never understand why some people don't understand his significance!
Great interview but I was hoping at the end there they would ask who the bloodied dude in the red glasses is...bugging me.
According to Joss:

Heís a new guy. I canít tell you about him. But you are not wrong to say you donít remember him, because he has not appeared yet. He has yet to come.

My money is on a young Ripper.
So is mine, Simon. Especially since, in Giles's nightmare about Eyghon in "The Dark Age", there's a guy with red glasses who is probably Ripper.

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It'd be like a flashback then, the guy with the glasses, right?
Or he's just Ripper: Time Traveler, popping into the 21st century to wreak havoc. The Twilight stuff caused ripple effects throughout the timeline in both directions. Who's to say it didn't have even farther-reaching effects than what we saw?
If by that you mean we could get Fray into Buffy's era San Francisco? Oh, yes please.
While I'd be deeply shocked if they pulled that card, especially now that magic has been drained from the world, it'd be cool and painful. Giles dies, and now baby!Giles is here to raise some hell?

That said, how could he? He's human and magic is gone... Then again, humans aren't exactly powerless or non-threats.

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