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January 28 2011

Whedonverse writers sell Grimm's Fairy Tales pilot to NBC. James Hibberd at says Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt's 'Grimm' is about a "dark but fantastical cop drama about a world in which characters inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales exist".

So. It seems like NBC has decided to become the all-fantastical all-the-time channel. Wonder if it's to go along with their fatastical viewer base.

*drumroll please*
You're not getting one. I got a strong Fables vibe from the description. I miss Greenwalt on the telly, I loved his Angel and thought Miracles was a very underrated show ("The Friendly Skies" was one of the best tv episodes of the last decade).
Simon - ITA about Miracles, I thought it was very good. I've been hoping to see him back on TV. I know that he's been working on other shows, but I don't think that they've been "his". Fingers crossed.
brinderwalt, I know there was sarcasm there and NBC gets a lot of hate but a lot of the shows on the network do get a hell of a lot of praise with seriously devoted fans. Chuck and Community being the obvious two, but more recently, Parks and Recreation is getting a lot of love, The Office is seemingly not-hated by many regulars and 30 Rock is award show bait as well as having a fairly loyal viewership. Parenthood too.

They might not be watched by the boatload, but I consider NBC to be a better network than CBS by quite a wide margin. I hope they resurge soon enough, cos I think both this and Ron Moore's HP show have potential to hit it big -- just not sure if it can keep it big. Anyway, Fall 2011 is looking to have a much better year of new shows compared to 2010.
*Let us assume that the reduction in the real viewer base with the addition of each new fantastical program can be expressed as:

N = N0 - 1f * nf


N = the total number of viewers after the addition of a new fantastical program
N0 = the current number of fantastical real viewers
n = number of fantastical viewers willing to watch fantastical programs
f = the fantastical unit that is defined as f 2 = -1

Then assuming that the current number of viewers (N0) equals 0, as suggested by brinderwalt, and one additional fantastical program is being added to NBC's lineup which will be viewed by n fantastical viewers, we can express the new viewer base as:

N = 0 - 1f * 1f


N = 0 - f * f

But since f * f = - 1

We have

N = 0 - (-1)


N = 0 + 1

So that the new viewer base will be one real viewer.

* AKA: Hey I'd try it. I've always loved reading the various renditions of fairy tales, from the oldest to the modern urban interpretations. (Woot! Fables!)

(Many, many thanks to my on-call math dude. And yes, I did have way too much time on my hands.)
Man - the trouble one can get into for having a sense of humour...

ETA: So far The Cape, Wonder Woman, 17th Precinct, plus this show - all recent or brand new fantastical-themed projects at NBC (with its notoriously anemic viewership.) Hence the comment.

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Fables was my 1st thought as well, Simon. Something like that would be really cool if it was executed well.
Oh! It would be great to see another show from Greenwalt... and even better, I absolutely love it when he and Jim Kouf collaborate!
This sounds both interesting and doomed. I hope I'm wrong (about the doomed part).

It's very weird that they're going to have two fantasy cop shows coming out in one season. I just hope that at least one of them is better than The Cape.
Fables aside, I also remember a Neil Gaiman short story that was like a noir detective take on... nursery rhymes which I suppose are different from fairy tales. Huh.

As for the whole ratings thing, I think even as a kid I never knowingly watched anything on CBS. Then considering my love of some of their shows I was always vaguely surprised to find out how horribly they're doing considering how much I have actually enjoyed most of the things that were on their Thursday night lineups since Friends ended. Some with varying degrees of absolutely sincere love, like Community.

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