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January 28 2011

CNN article on Jane Espenson's sci-fi writing career. Jane discusses her history as a science-fiction writer(including how she became a writer on Buffy) and future projects that she is working on. Written by Suzanne Kelly, CNN.

That's a really good article, cheers. I didn't know about her very early years.

It was confirmed when someone else who was in the room that day told her that after she'd left, Whedon walked over to a white board and wrote just two words: Hire her.

Love that.
"Good Cop, Dead Cop"... Zombie? Ghost? Vampires are sooo over, right?
Love this article. Am looking forward to catching up on all the Torchwoods so I am ready for her season.
So... which Buffy idea did she pitch that had already been shot?
BreathesStory - I think that's the tentative title of the Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) remake - so ghost.
Huh. I knew from other interviews she'd been the only woman on a writing staff once but this makes it sound even more common in the industry than I'd really appreciated. I mean I knew the stats were pretty heavily male, but it sounds like things are even more skewed than I'd known on genre shows. I notice she's careful not to complain about it but that has got to be tough.
Pretty picture of her too.
Love this article too. I had no idea she went to Bezerkely - must be why I love her work so much! :-)
Did I mention that Jane is a Godess among writers? Think I bought that point up a time or three.

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