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January 28 2011

A slice of the Whedonverse in 2011. Scott Allie talks to MTV's Splash Page about the Buffy Season 9, Dollhouse and Serenity comic books.

Damn. There goes any money i might have had left over after bills...... lol
Their digital comic books are cheaper so you can buy the Serenity comics that way. I'm guessing that Dark Horse aren't allowed to do the same for Buffy. Come to think of it, IDW didn't do it for Angel either. Must be an interesting contract that those comic book companies have with 20th Century Fox.
I really liked this phrase: "...writers' summit at Joss Whedon's house..."
I think it's interesting they already have some covers for the first couple of issues of season 9.
I think it's interesting they already have some covers for the first couple of issues of season 9.

Georges tweeted the other day that he completed a cover for the Angel series, so that's cool. He also tweeted that he hasn't left Buffy and he is not exclusive to DC, despite the rumors.
A year without any Sereniverse stories? At All?

My heart hurts...
Will make 2012 sweeter.
I admit, I was happy to see that they want Zack to do the Sereniverse stories.... when they get around to 'em.
"Will make 2012 sweeter."

Heh. Read that as "2012 sweater." Now I'm waiting for a gossi designed Firefly sweater. Perhaps to go with the Jayne hat? This brain mix up is probably one of those American things though. In British it would never have been misread. However, if gossi was actually announcing his foray into fashion design with a 2012 "jumper," I'd probably still momentarily misread it and wonder if we should go on on suicide watch. Brains are weird.
Wash totally has a jumper. Uhm, sweater.

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