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January 30 2011

Amazing Dollhouse fan trailer. Might contain spoilers for both Dollhouse seasons.

I felt like I just watched a trailer for the Dollhouse movie.

And now I feel sad because there is no Dollhouse movie.

Very excellently done!

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This was very well done. I'm in the middle of a Dollhouse rewatch at the moment. Just started Season 2 and I'm still blown away by the concepts. Watching Amy Acker and Fran Krantz in their scenes in "Vows" is heartwrenching. In my opinion, this show is one of Joss's best.
I think if the show looked like this all the time it would be an amazing show. DH wasn't a bad show, it certainly had it's moments, as seen in the trailer. But there just weren't enough moments like what that trailer captured. In some ways I think the trailer made the show look better than it actually was.
Most excellently done! I feel the possibilities just in watching that. There's so much more story to be told. It's like I want to laugh, jump for joy, and cry great big sad tears at the same time.
I actually think there's loads more moments of greatness than that. Saunders and Topher, Saunders and Boyd.. 'they'll be wiping you' (Dominic's van speech to Echo).. To name a handful.
My favorite Joss show. Nice trailer. :)
In my opinion, this show is one of Joss's best.

It's definitely in his top four.

Also, "be careful who you wish for" is such a clever and amazing tagline for this show and works on so many levels. It's a pity no one connected to the show thought that one up.
I've got a hard time choosing my favorite Whedon show. None of them are flawless (yes, not even Buffy. Beer Bad, anyone?), but they are all special, because compared to most other shows out there, Joss' shows are always about something. Joss teaches life lessons and explores people, philosophy, psyche and relationships. He has really had lots of things to express/say, which makes him an artist.

I'm still disappointed that so many people were so hard on Dollhouse. I think it's probably his most underrated show, because there were so many great, fascinating ideas to the show. Additionally Dollhouse was a difficult concept to pull off to begin with, even if it had been on cable and not on network television.
To the fan that made this: Bravo!!!!
Dollhouse really was such a great concept. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But I'm glad that we got to see what we did.

Side note: Does anyone think that a Dollhouse soundtrack will ever happen? I loved a lot of the music used on the show.
I really do think that people were too hard on Dollhouse. Of course the show deserves a fair amount of criticism, as do most shows. But I think because of its complete difference from every other Whedon show until the found-family in the end, people were off-put by what they excepted from a Whedon show.

I still think Belonging is one of the best Whedon episodes ever. I could watch it again and again and again. And if all of the MOTW episodes had been as good as Belle Choose, I think we would have had a different first season.
Huh, I posted one of her trailers before, and it got removed. :o
I still maintain if you stack the 26 'Dollhouse' episodes up and put them into a 'great', 'good' and 'bad' category, it fares better than the first season and a half of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. And the first and a bit of 'Angel'.

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That was pretty bad... tries to cover way too much in 2 minutes and ends up revealing far too much and tells you nothing about the show at the same time. Australias fox dh trailer was much better by far.
@iwearthecheese - I think you completely missed the point/intention of the video. It's not supposed to be a saga sell, or promotion for the show. It's only a "trailer" in the broadest sense of the word.

If you read the extended info from the uploader, they explain the reason they put the video together in the first place. It's more of a tribute video, in response to having recently watched all of Dollhouse and thus completing consumption of all Whedon projects. They also point out that one should first watch the show to fully understand the video's contents.

Personally, I think it's excellent work. Very well structured, paced and edited. Similar to previous comments here, I agree that it makes the show look better than it is. I like Dollhouse, but this video really puts the show's best foot forward, dramatically speaking. :)

Well, you know the title is "Dollhouse Trailer", which is rather self explanatory. I, like most people didn't bother reading the lengthy description, and my opinion is still as above, though I meant New Zealand's C4 promo.
@iwearthecheese Got a YouTube link where I could watch the promo?
Excellent work. I'll always miss Dollhouse, I recently finished a rewatch and to say it holds up well is an understatement.

I still maintain if you stack the 26 'Dollhouse' episodes up and put them into a 'great', 'good' and 'bad' category, it fares better than the first season and a half of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. And the first and a bit of 'Angel'.
gossi | January 30, 21:51 CET

I totally agree, gossi. I think that given a run comparable to either BtS or AtS, DH would have proven to be by far Joss's best work.
Wow. That was awesome.
@popgoestheshelby I'm asking myself the same thing. I have most songs used in Dollhouse, but I'd kill for the score by Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen. I once wrote an email to Simonsen's website and asked if there were such plans and he just said that they considered it, but I guess they couldn't make it come true. :(
I liked this trailer very much.
Makes me looking forward to the Dollhouse DVDs which I'm saving for even more.
That was cool and way cooler that Tim Minear commented on it! I too am re-watching DH, half way through season 2 but I don't want to keep watching cos I know what happens and it makes me sad to know that there is no more to see! Is that strange??

Gives such a great overview of the series. I think I may be due another rewatch.

And no, twinkle, I don't think it's odd. I'm halfway through Terriers, (not just saying that because of the purple prose, I really am half way through) and I read a spoiler of the ending, now I can't bear to part with the show, so I am delaying watching the last half.

BTW - calling someone "twinkle" in a sentence makes me feel all Frank Butcher.
Quoted from a post in the comment section by the author of the video, in response to someone saying they saw the video via Whedonesque:

"Thanks so much! I logged in to my account this morning for find tons more views, likes, and comments here than I remembered from last night. This is so exciting for me, as a loyal patron of Whedonesque. If only I could actually score a membership."

Can we sort this out? Come on, this person has the Minear seal of approval!

Fantastic video. Like csi_spy says above, this made me long for a Dollhouse film.
That was me she responded to about the membership. I hoped there was a way I could extend an invite but I am not sure if that's even possible. I'm sure Whedonesque would happily welcome her and I urged her to contact the site so she could come be fawned over in person.

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