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January 30 2011

James Marsters is married. The news was revealed at yesterday's New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con.

Congrats James and Pat!
Many congratulations to the happy couple.
Yay brilliant news. Congrats to the pair of them. :D
Congtatulations and best wishes to the both of you.
Great news for them - best wishes!
Best wishes to the newlyweds!
And the quote I got for this page is "blondie bear?". Congrats to them. Blondie bear finally took the plunge.
Great news!! Congrats!
Yay! Congrats to James and Patricia!
I am torn between being very happy for them and being very jealous...But I guess I knew in my heart that he wouldn't wait around for me forever. So, Congratualtions to both of them and may they have many, many happy years together.
Great news, congratulations!
Congrats to James and Pat!
Aw, fantastic! Congratulations, both!
Great news. I wish them both every happiness. They make a very lovely couple.
God bless y'all's marriage!
Congrats to Mr and Mrs Marsters.
Great News - I wsih them both the very best with their life together - but I feel like I also lost a bit of Spike.

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Well! There's a... thing. My best to the newlyweds!
Congratulations, James & Patricia! May your days be filled with joy!
Many congratulations! He is so full of joy whenever he talks of her. I wish them both a long and happy marriage and all the very, very best for the future.
All I got was that dumbass stick sounds like it's rainin'!
What lovey-dovey news! Congratulations, best wishes and the happiest of happily ever afters!
Aw, I'm such a sucker for romance! Congrats to the happy couple - I hope their day was wonderful and that there was much excellent cake :)
I guess she's "Our Mrs. Marsters" :) Congratulations!
Congratulations to James and Patricia! Wishing them much happiness!
Congratulations, James! Best of wishes!
First Robbie Williams now James...sigh all the good men are going.
Aw! Congrats to James & Patricia! May they have many happy years together. :)
What wonderful news. James and Patricia, I hope you grow old together and make many wonderful memories along the way. It is a gift to find true love in this world [I'm still waiting ... :=)].
People's coverage has a photo, for those interested.

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