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December 23 2003

MSNBC's Best and Worst 2003 TV. In this review of the year, the biggest loss is Joss Whedon and Buffy gets best way to close out a show. David Greenwalt's 'Miracles' gets unluckiest cancellation.

I loved "Miracles". It was dark and disturbing and totally out of place on a Disney-owned network, which only added to my viewing pleasure. I was sad to see it disappear, and I'm even sadder now that I know there are episodes I haven't seen.
Well it's been all the unseen episodes have been airing in Canada if thats any help. And isn't there one of those US cable channels that is dedicated to airing TV shows that were cut down before their time? It might turn up on that.
The first two episodes of Miracles were some of the best hours of television I've seen. The quality took a nosedive after that and I was kind of glad to see it cancelled.
I had never even seen an episode of Farscape and that was easily the show I was most upset about getting cancelled this year. Miracles and Firefly were both first season shows with much potential, but Farscape was fully formed with a core audience and a promised fifth season. At least they get a mini-series now.

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