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January 30 2011

Thrilling Adventure Hour audio podcast starring Nathan Fillion. And it's free!

If you click on the little blue i next to the description, it pops up with a window that tells you who is in each podcast.

Nathan is in podcast released 1/23/2011. Nathan twittered "Catch the @ThrillingAdv -enture Hour with me and the gang! Im so American, you'll forget I'm Canadian."

If someone recognizes another Whedon alum, please mention it.

Already downloaded it! Summer Glau is in one as well.

***Edited to add....well, scratch that last part. I can't find where I read that she had participated in one of the shows. Arrgh!

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Neil Patrick Harris did participate and others. I don't think Neil's episode has been released yet.

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A link for those who can't/won't use iTunes.

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