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January 31 2011

(SPOILER) Details revealed about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show, Ringer. Definitely going to watch this!

It sounds like it could be very good and will include a load of twists to keep you interested. I'm intrigued and will definitely give it a go if it gets picked up. I really hope it does because i would love to see Sarah back on tv where she belongs!
I gotta say i would love to see a few kick ass scene in this show though as Buffy and Scooby Doo are the only things i've seen her kick butt in.
I'm very intrigued. I wish Sarah the best of luck with this show; I will definitely be tuning in.
The additional info about the show makes it a lot more interesting. Nice twisty plots there.
I am intrigued, as well! It could be Sarah's chance to do some tour de force acting. C'mon Ms. Jimmy Stewart, blow us away!
I sort of read the synopsis/details while peeking through my fingers... Hope it gets picked up. : )
What's the title mean? Is it supposed to be like 'dead ringer'?
Oh, goody. It seems perfect for her. She will be wonderfully good at making us think we know the difference between the two, and then making us doubt ourselves. Plus, I have a huge weakness for plots involving hiding in plain sight. I will be terribly disappointed if this doesn't get picked up.
And yes, Jaxn, I think so.
Well I figured the thing about the sister, but this sounds great!! Love the affairs and what not. Should be hilarious!
A few Ringer definitions:

1. a clone, a "dead ringer"
2. a highly skilled person brought in from the outside to play a position on a team
3. a lesser quality item fixed up to look "good as New"
4. a stolen vehicle the identity of which has been changed by the use of the license plate, serial number, etc., of another, usually disused, vehicle
5. US: a contestant, esp a horse, entered in a competition under false representations of identity, record, or ability

There seems to be a thread of "falseness or fake" running through all the definitions.
Sounds exciting :) Can't wait to see SMG back on TV.
Sorry, but that premise sounds pretty ludicrous. Like a really bad daytime soap-opera.

Its SMG, so of course I'll check it out if it gets picked up, but hopefully the writing/execution raises it above the descriptions we've gotten so far.
I think there'll probably a whole lot more emphasis on the "on the run from the FBI" angle than the article suggested.
Sounds promising, if only because it lacks that "high concept" thing where it can be summed up in one sentence, which usually translates to 'more mediocre, formulaic TV'.
And I'd give anything featuring SMG a chance.
I've read the script and unfortunately it's not that great. The premise is a little absurd and relies on a good amount of suspension of disbelief. However...there are a few interesting twists that had me intrigued and it definitely holds your attention more than most procedural pilot scripts out there.

What worries me most though is that RINGER is definitely against type for CBS. Whenever they deviate from their usual procedural-based format it usually doesn't go too well (HARPER'S ISLAND and JERICHO come to mind). The show is essentially a soap opera so it will be VERY serialized and currently the network does not have a single serialized show on the air. Even though THE GOOD WIFE has strong serialized elements, at it's core it's still a lawyer show focusing on a new case each week.

I really just don't see this going through to series which is a bummer because I really am still such a big SMG fan...
I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with Kaan on this one; it just sounds the wrong side of cheesy. It's great that she is finally getting a regular acting role, but I can't see this one being that brilliant.
Come on Karma, do your work and vindicate me for all the times I've talked about how truly gifted Sarah is, and vindicate Sarah, who artistically has slaved away in Indies, good though some of them were, to do something different. I get that. Now it's time for her to be a star on television again. At least let her get visibility back long enough so she can go star on cable in something long-lasting.

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