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February 01 2011

Richard Jenkins - "Cabin in the Woods was such a ball". Though still no word as to when the movie will actually get released.

I don't do horror films. But I would see this film just for him. I love Richard Jenkins.
Agreed, Jenkins is a fantastic actor.

In related news, the other day I spun the phrase 'cabin in the woods' through the book ordering system at my work. According to the computer, the two CITW-related books (the novelisation and the official visual companion) have a UK release date of Friday 29th April 2011. It's probably nothing, but it's still slightly more optimistic than, which have them both due out on New Year's Eve 2035.
^^ Psh, we all know the correct date should be 2036. lmaoooo.

I lol'd so hard at that. Hope to see this movie one day!!
Gosh, here's hoping that MGM gets their house in financial order. It's not only this movie, but also the remake of "Red Dawn" that I've been waiting to see.
It's out in a week from next Thursday! Thanks Richard Jenkins for letting us know (I choose to disregard the sentence that followed that line.)

But seriously, I hope we find out soon. I might be in the minority, but I'm probably looking forward to this more than The Avengers.
I'm not a big horror fan either (although I do of course love Buffy and Angel and some horror-like stuff by Neil Gaiman), but I would likewise see this film for either Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whiteford, Amy Acker, Franz Kranz or Joss alone. With them all together, I'm dying to see it.
What the Groosalugg said. It's really quite a stellar cast, directing and writing line-up. It's bound to appear some day, though. Can't imagine us never getting to see it. But I'd rather it'd be sooner than later.
I'm dying to see this, too! I do like some horror.
Yeah, phenomenal cast and crew. (Bonus points for putting together two of my favorite Joss alums with a "West Wing" alum.) Going only slightly off-topic, any of you who haven't seen Jenkins in "The Visitor" MUST. He's quietly (and quite) amazing (even if the movie's rather preachy).
Ah, I quite liked The Visitor, actually. Don't think it veered over the edge of 'preachy'. But yes: Jenikns caries that movie. Highly recommended.

Also: agreed on the awesomeness of mixing Joss alumns with a West Wing alum. Now it would have just needed someone from The Shield, to give it my personal ultimate fandoms collide combo ;).

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