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February 01 2011

Results are in for Dark Horse's Angel vs Spike poll. Spoiler: Spike won.

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I'm surprised at how much he won by. I thought it would be a little closer.
I'm sure there's no bias in this poll...
awesome ;-)
Love me some Spike
A lot of credit goes to the last fight they had on Angel being won by Spike. They never had a rematch after that one.
Does anyone remember how the voting process went? Was it limited to one vote per IP, or could you just go nuts?
A lot of credit goes to the last fight they had on Angel being won by Spike. They never had a rematch after that one.
Tumnus | February 02, 03:19 CET

Well,to be fair,"Destiny" was not the last fight they had.They fought a few episodes later in "Smile Time."Granted,that was played for laughs with Angel as a puppet but Angel still did win that fight.
They also
They also briefly fought in You're Welcome!

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I would think that the votes at the comic book site might have been influenced by the fact that the Spike comics have been better than the Angel comics.... Although that opinion is mitigated by the fact that both the Spike and Angel comics have (so far) been done by IDW and 'contest' was conducted by Dark Horse.
Honestly,I think fights between Angel and Spike can go either way depending on the circumstances.
Wyndam_ | February 02, 03:07 CET

Angel everyway 'til Tuesday.
Not surprising. Spike is more popular than Angel, in general. So he gets a lot of support in these polls.

Enisy, you could only vote once.
I'm wondering if homicidal megalomania and/or being a complete dupe might have influenced the results? I mean, I'm kinda surprised, given that Dark Horse published Season 8, that they'd actually have a poll that treated this like it was a legit question. Does DC have polls as to whether people like Lex Luthor more than Batman?
I think it is influenced by the fact that Angel is a 'tool' in s8 whereas Spike is a good guy. And good guys (almost) always win in comix.
I am shocked DH actually published the results and didn't say that despite the clear winner, it really was just a tie.
Long as there's oil...
Don't see anything wrong with the poll, i always considerd Spike to be the better fighter.

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I just think this is funny.

Spike is to Buffy as Whorf was to ST:TNG. In both cases, there was this constant talk, talk, talk about what a fighter and what a warrior the character was. And yet in both cases, the recurrent image is of our warrior flying across the screen and collapsing in an unconscious heap.

So,yeah. Funny!
But that's kind of the thing. How do you prove your current enemy is frighteningly tough - have them effortlessly deal with your supposedly tough fighter.
I still don't know if I see Spike as a good guy. I've always seen Angel as the good guy myself...the trouble is Dark Horse ruining him in the comics. I do think it'd have been a better choice for IDW to run the poll instead.
Damon hands down.
Can't Spike and Angel both be good guys?
Yay for Spike!
At least he wins something!
Yay for Spike.
Big surprise for the gap.
redeem147 said:

Long as there's oil...

These polls should always list this as the third option.

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