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February 01 2011

Summer Glau's "The Cape" gets back order cut. According to Deadline, NBC has cut the order for "The Cape" from 13 episodes to 10. That, coupled with declining ratings, means "The Cape" will probably not get past the first season.

Hopefully Summer finds a new (and infinitely better) project ASAP.
Not a surprise. Not Summer's fault, though she may well be the harbinger of death for a show.
I wish I could say that I'll miss it but...I won't. I tried giving it a chance, but it just wasn't for me, I suppose. I couldn't get into it at all.
Honestly, this show should have never even been picked up in the first place. It's horrifically bad and I'm at a loss at how it ever made it this far. I'm sure Summer can (and will) move on to better things.

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It's actually cancelled. They're still airing but production got shut down today. NBC won't admit as they're still airing the remaining episodes.
Hm. The Cape's been really problematic from the start, although I have felt it to be getting increasingly better - Scales on a Train was quite decent. Gossi, have they really shut down production? That kind of sucks - getting cancelled could have let them create a Dollhouse-style fast-paced ending to the show and somewhat redeemed it, resulting in a decent miniseries-size story with a beginning, middle and end. I guess now all we'll get is a cliffhanger. Damn.
I stopped watching after the first standalone episode. Summer is beautiful in the show, and she does the best with what is given to her...but it's just not good. Which saddens me to say, as I was looking forward to it.
Yeah. They finished up after shooting at the school used as Miranda in Serenity..
I wish I could say I liked it but I literally forgot it was on after I saw the second episode. I had high hopes but it just wasn't that good.
No surprise, I knew this show would get canceled. With that said, we still love our little Summer!
The show is written so badly not even Summer Glau could redeem it. May she move on to other better projects.
Feel sorry for Summer but that was a terrible show and as others said I can't believe it got past the pilot stage.
I, too, had high hopes for this show. I watched the first few episodes, and it just couldn't hold my interest.
Duh, it's NBC. Still crossing fingers for that silly peacock to wake up. Whoa, they fired the peacock too!
When I read the premise, it reminded me of shows that came out in the late 80s or the early 90s. TV has moved on since then.
All smiles. What are we to do?
Bummer. It's actually a pretty good show, very fresh, it was almost like having good "Heroes" back (i.e. Season 1), and the cast is just over the top good (James Frain, Keith David, Vinnie Jones). I was hoping being sandwiched between two winners would help it skate to a full season if not a renewal.
Sorry for Summer, but this turkey really didn't deserve to be saved. Hopefully she can move on to something better (which would be almost anything).
Remember "The Bionic Woman"? They certainly screwed that up royal like. Damn it, starting to get an ache in the headroom!
Huh. I was planning on starting to watch this show, guess not...
The circus people were awesome. I would have watched a show with just them.

The scenes with The Cape's family, though, made me vomit. Endless pining. I'm actually getting nauseous just thinking about it. Oh no...

Ok, back from the bathroom. I think I'm ok. It's just that after 16-17 scenes of his wife staring doe-eyed at their son as she explains how much she loves him... oh no...

Ok, I think I'm really ok this time. Nope, I'm not.
gossi- Simon Frazier University, right? Or was that for BG? I ask only because my step-son is a doctoral student there.
Think it's called Vapa?
Haven't watched this yet. All I've read is that its bad bad bad.
I kind of like it. I mean, yeah, the writing leaves something to be desired (seriously lacking in the humor department, for one thing--which is just a problem when there's a guy in a magic cape fighting crime). And the names are lackluster .... "Chess"? "The Cape"? But I like several of the actors--the mentor guy, the villain, Summer--and I wish they'd had a chance to write and film a conclusive ending, if it was going to be canceled.

Though I must say part of me is relieved .... simply because the premise didn't seem sustainable over more than a couple of seasons, at most.
It's a horrible show. Atrocious writing and very cliche plot. Summer's acting picked up a bit in the last few episodes, but she doesn't have much room in the show. It's like the writers don't know what to do with her. The lead guy (I can't even remember his name) is so boring I can barely stand it. Chess is the worst villain I've seen on TV in a very long time.

I don't know how the thing got picked up at all. Best to let it die quickly so everyone can move on to something better. If it truly is canceled, that is probably a good thing.
I really thought this was going to be awesome- Summer, comic book heroes and villains, James Frain... and then... "a world of no."

Hopefully better things are in the works for Summer!
Yeah - imo there was a lot of potential in almost every aspect of this show save one - writing. It was atrocious in the original pilot script (when I first got a chance to read it last March), continued to be equally atrocious in the pilot's aired form, and - as of the latest episode - has managed a remarkable level of consistency.

Word to the wise aspiring scriptwriters out there: You can write straight-up-sincere plot-holes-be-damned narratives and get away with it. You can write genre-savvy this-is-ridiculous-why-am-I-doing-this? narratives and also get away with it. But, unless you are really good with words and timing (ala Joss Whedon), you shouldn't try mixing them together since they have a tendency to cancel each other out.

ETA: Clarity.

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I think it might have worked better as a period piece, since it feels a bit like an old-style comic book. The characters would have fit better that way.

Still wouldn't help the writing, though.
I think it might have worked better as a period piece, since it feels a bit like an old-style comic book. The characters would have fit better that way.

You know, I think you're right (am currently imagining how awesome and less nonsensical it would've been with an added dosage of tommy guns, trench coats, and fedora hats.)
I can only deal with camp (and I'm still not sure how much of it is intentional) for so long. I'm sad for Ms. Glau that the show hasn't been a bigger hit, but I stopped watching it a week or two ago.
I've only watched the first two episodes. I was saving the other episodes for when I had alcohol. I quite liked the circus leader, and I like Summer though it was hard to judge her character from the first two episodes. The lead was a bit bland and there were way too many scenes with his family.

I can't say I'm going to miss it, and I like cheesy action shows from the 80s and 90s.

Hope Summer gets cast in an awesome show that isn't canceled early on (prematurely or justifiably).
Ah well, no surprise there. Count me in among those who wonder how this show ever got a green light in the first place. I found it boring and awful from the getgo. Not even Summer could make me watch it beyond the third episode (and I normally have a pretty high bullshit treshold).
Dana5140, Gossi, it's Diamond Bar High School.
After the pilot and second ep I was totally going to give it another episode or two, for Summer, but, after thinking about the first two and how horribly written they were, I actually dreaded trying to watch it again and never did. Too bad for Summer but hopefully she can get a quality show now.
I absolutely agree that it would have worked better as a period piece. I wonder if the creator might even agree on that. Basically make it non-Batman in the age of Batman's origin.
Terrible show, but still sucks for Summer.
When the cast of the show got the news that its 10th episode would be its last, did anyone yell out..."SUMMER?"
Of course not....they yelled out the names of the writers. They stuffed too much in the first two hours, and that's where they went wrong. That, and Chess' weird eyes.
I'll miss the Carnival of Crime, though.
I was just waiting Summer be put in a wheel chair to say that it was a crossing between Shaqille Oneal's Steel and Birds of Prey.

The only clever writting in the 3 episodes I saw was the father of Summer's chacter.
Misfits is still the good show with super powers theme.
I really want to see Summer cast in a non-genre show, before it's too late and she is typecast forever. (I hope it's not too late!)
Max Malini has been the coolest thing on TV for a few weeks, IMO. Keith David has just been destroying it on this show. I would love to see him get his own genre show, frankly. Or, a certain forthcoming Warner Bros. motion picture may be in the market for "middle-aged male mentor"...
Hey great news. Now Summer's available for when they bring back Firefly.
bobw10- thanks. I asked my step-son and he told me Battlestar Galactica was filmed at Simon Frazier U- it is supposed to be Caprica.
Mhh. I hope this means that she could guest-star again on "Chuck". I heard that they wanna bring back some of the other Greta-actresses.
Ahem. Simon Fraser U. And I should know.
Yes, Fraser, not Frazier. Ahem... :-)
I just realized I forgot to watch it this week. I might forget again after I post this.
Forget to watch what?
I loved Keith David, the fact that he could rise above this piece of 狗屎 means I have another good actor to look out for. The rest of the circus was okay, sometimes even interesting. The hero and villain were -- well, the thing is, I made it through the first two episodes and then I started watching the third one and the scene opened with The Cape brooding over his son's window again and I ... just ... couldn't. Not even for Summer.

On of these days all the good actors I look out for will be in the same project and I'll die of happiness. :)
Just seen the news. Well, I can't be too said since I watched 3 eps and thought it was awful, nor did "Orwell" really play to Summer's strengths. Hopefully she'll be able to land a better pilot now this season.
I LOVE Summer(yeah, who doesn't?) but this show is
absolutely awful. I watched the two-hour premiere
and it absolutely blew. Sucks for Summer.
I watched the first episode, set the DVR to catch the rest, however never got around to watching them. Sadly the show is just not that good or worth watching again. I really feel bad for Summer, she has not had the best of luck with the shows she's been in. Hope her luck turns soon!
Maybe if it weren't aired on a Sunday...
The Cape is on Mondays, not Sundays.
Also the Sunday episode was the highest rated. *crickets*
I like The Cape.

View it through the "first season of ST:TNG" filter. They are figuring out what they have. There is so much good in the show -- and the broken family story is dead-on.

"Yes, I killed your father. Now, how can we move past that?" It's a great line from Chess. I'm a fan. They can get there. I just wish NBC had a bit more courage.

Or, you know, the willingness to move it to Syfy. (Same corporate family, yah?)

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