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February 02 2011

How to dress like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sparklife has written an amusing article instructing readers on how to dress like our beloved Spike.

They also have an article instructing readers on how to dress like River Tam from Firefly.

The world is grasping at straws for Whedon news. "Cabin In the Woods" better be released soon so we have something better to talk about!
Totally did this this past Halloween.
I'm sorry, but if I saw someone dressed as Spike, I would have to laugh. And not in a good way.

EDIT: Unless Halloween. An every day dress up would be sad.

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I can't think of anything better or more interesting than talking about Spike... so thanks for the post.
A few years ago, there was a kid in my class who was named William, looked uncannily like James Marsters, and dressed up as a vampire for Halloween. Not knowing anything about BtVS, he was confused when people apparently kept telling him he looked like Spike. Unfortunately, he forgot to get a picture of himself in his costume, so I never got visual confirmation of my suspicion that he dressed up exactly like Spike completely by accident.
The River page isn't showing up. Less interested in figuring out how to dress like a man who steals clothes from a dead woman.
Cute article, I enjoyed it.

Wow BlueSkies. Just wow.
Don't be so busy dancing you get kidnapped and almost burned at the stake.

That's just solid advice for every day living. dressing like Spike really so hard that there needs to be an article for it? It's not like his outfits are really elaborate or anything...
Wow BlueSkies. Just wow.
Xane | February 03, 06:27 CET

Why surprised? BS never misses a chance to get in a dig at my (and so many others') favorite character in the Whedonverse.

Moving on.... unless you look like James Marsters under the clothes, something will be missing. :_)
Less interested in figuring out how to dress like a man who steals clothes from a dead woman.

Just the coat. And now it's an Italian original. :) Well, a closet full of them.
Did telling Spike wanna-bes not to "black out" their eyes mean they should avoid eyeliner? Because it looked awfully good on Spike when he was stealing that coat.

Besides, everybody knows that Billy Idol stole the look from him!
@ Glitch_Doll

I assume the point of the article was to make people laugh, not explain the extremely complicated process of putting on black jeans, boots, t-shirt and coat.
Less interested in figuring out how to dress like a man who steals clothes from a dead woman.

I'm very uninterested in seeing people be nasty about this.
"...steals clothes from a dead woman"? I don't get this reference. Is it a Buffy thing? I seem to remember Spike only doing that when she was alive. Or, is this some personal issue I'm not privy to?

In regards to actually dressing like Spike (for Halloween or otherwise), for years, people have told me the coat is nothing unique and easy to find, which is why specialty replica houses like AbbyShot have never made one. However, I still have yet to find the damn thing!

The closest I ever came was a leather company in SoCal (that mostly sold leather attire for Gay Men, but whatever. I don't judge.). They advertised a custom Spike coat through ebay. I sent $200 along with my measurements, only to first be told my measurements were "wrong" and when I finally did get the coat, it was too big on me and it had Shoulder Pads! Not to mention, there were key features missing, such as the buckles on the cuffs.

The customer service representative I dealt with through emails did not understand English very well. When I told him I didn't want the shoulder pads in my coat, he said all their leather jackets had pads, and that Spike's coat was supposed to have them anyway, when any number of screen caps could easily prove that isn't the case at all! To me, the coat looked more like something Wesley Snipes would wear in Blade.

I ended up giving the coat to a friend. To this day, I do not have a Spike coat of my very own and I've always wanted one because the design is clean and simple, yet still containing just enough personality and the coat always looked very comfortable to me.
I wonder what happened to the original Spike coat? (not the horrible ATS knock off version). Some have said It was sold on eBay, but I never saw anything at the time.

It was a lovely soft leather affair which flowed beautifully. Unlike the stiff AtS version which just didn't look the same imo.
I'm so glad that I am not the only one to notice the horrible lack of continuity between Spike's coat/s:)
kungfubear-BlueSkies was referring to Spike having removed Nikki Wood's coat after he had killed her.
Yeah, youdrive sadly enough thats the first thing I noticed when JM moved to AtS. The costume people had obvioulsy made a brave attempt at trying to match the other, buy buying an off the peg version and weathering the leather down, but It was just too stiff and didn't hang right, which was a shame.

I'd read somewhere a few years back that this coat originally really was a women's coat, and that's why the leather was lighter and softer then you'd normally get.

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Ah, yes. Completely forgot about that, which is weird considering it's one of my top favorite episodes from the series. I do remember Spike changing coats, but I could have sworn it happened way before his move to Angel.

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