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February 03 2011

(SPOILER) Samuel L. Jackson talks The Avengers on Jimmy Fallon. Nick Fury himself talks about the start of filming and another interesting detail that was rumored a few months ago and now seems confirmed here.He also lets slip some spoilerish stuff about this summer's Thor and Captain America.

Also The L.A. Times Hero Complex has a big interview with Captain America director Joe Johnston about bringing Cap's sidekick,Bucky Barnes to the big screen with his writing team which includes Joss. Joss is directly mentioned in the interview by Joe Johnston.

The first offical photo of Bucky is included in the interview.

Only spoilers as far as what the above reveals, but I've spoiler tagged just in case:

I thought that the big news he said was that they were casting for Nick Fury's side kick (in the comics she has been a pretty awesome character).
Is it just me or does this role have 'Alan Tudyk' written all over it?

In all quasi-seriousness I can think of several current/recently inactive actresses (besides Alan) who would seem particularly ripe for the part...
Tudyk, terrific all round actress. We really should start a petition.
Coming has the video up now of Sam Jackson's comments.

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