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February 03 2011

Another Firefly comic strip from Our Valued Customers. It depicts what comic book customers say in real life.

This guy is downright hilarious! Some of the things people say in his store really amaze me.

But, like someone in the comments said, ya gotta wonder why someone would get so worked up about a fictional romance.
It depicts what some customers say in real life.

The main question is quantifying how much is "some". I've absolutely heard things far more ridiculous than that, but probably in only 1 out of 100 or 200 customers (depending on the store).

And isn't it equally fair to label whoever said such things as a Firefly fan? If we look hard enough, I'm sure that we could find some absurd sayings from fans of any of Joss' various shows. Some people might then say the same of all of us (in fact at certain sites "Whedon fans" is said derogatorily). Therefore, I would hope that people see that this is not necessarily any more representative of comic fans than it is of fans of Firefly, or any of Joss' shows.
I think this is hilarious, and at the same time I have no problem with Browncoats holding weird opinions and sticking to them adamantly (after all the Buffy fans do!).
I have to agree with that guy. If only because I know for a fact that Inara wouldn't have a chance with MY Captain Tightpants.

I don't think anyone, the artist or anyone else, has claimed that this is how all customers or Firefly fans act. Just the one.
@ Skytteflickan88,

I saw the title of this thread/post, and that was initial reaction. Perhaps I was being overly sensitive, but overall, I think that it does more harm than good to bring attention to all of the "weird" or "crazy" aspects of the fandoms, whether it's Whedon fans, comic fans, or anyone related. If we only present the less flattering minority, then I worry that people will begin to equate the minority with the majority. Of course that's just my concerns and opinion though.
@Risch22 I think only very ignorant people would assume that a blog, making fun of all kinds of "fans", fandoms and random people, is representing the majority, so I think we're safe. Of course, I don't have that much experience with other fandoms. Maybe Whedon-fans don't need more bad press. I just know that the blog is hilarious and the comments are rarely taking the side of the customers in the strips.
I laughed and, having not seen the site before, sent a link to one of my friend that used to run a music store.

The humor lampoons a certain type of customer, not the fan bases depicted at large. You can't tell the jokes without using some context.
Besides if you've ever worked retail, these comics are especially hilarious.

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