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February 03 2011

Morena Baccarin among actresses on 'Avengers' shortlist. "Marvel is conducting screen tests Friday for one of the final roles still looking to be cast in The Avengers, the all-star superhero ensemble being directed by Joss Whedon."

V star Morena Baccarin is on that list. Also said to be vying for the part are Jessica Lucas, Cobie Smulders and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

I like everything about this except for the title of "sidekick"
Gah! Morena! Cobes! That's a high class problem to have.
I was completely on board for Morena until I read Mary Elizabeth Winstead was also on the list.

No I am torn.
Holy gosh! This is exciting.

I would go for Morena but I also love Colbie Smulders. Gah, indeed, gossi. Gah indeed.
Hard to go wrong with any of those choices.

I was sad when Summer lost out on Kitty Pryde for X3... until I saw Ellen Page in the role.
If this is the list, my pick is Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
Can't we just have Cobie AND Morena in Avengers?! Such a hard choice!
A 9 picture deal???? Holy shit! That's insane!
Yep, sorry Whedonesquers, I'm all for Mary here. She's a wonderful actress.

I vaguely remember Lucas from the couple of places (Melrose, Cloverfield etc) but MEW owns it. Would love for her to become a big star. I can kinda see how it could fit around the HIMYM schedule for Cobie, but I'm not terribly keen on that idea. (Though I'm sure she and Joss are fairly buddy from all the time he seems to be with Alyson and that cast now.)
Just because they have a 9 picture deal doesn't mean they'll be in 9 movies. Wasn't Tobey Macguire signed up for like 6 Spider-Man movies?
I thought there were supposed to be fiver actresses getting screen tested? (according to Mr Jackson that is).
/Film have an update on their version of this story: "Iíve heard from reliable sources that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is not testing for The Avengers."
Awww.... I agree that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an incredibly charming actress that deserves to get bigger, but now I've no block to my rooting for Morena, who I think is also an incredibly charming actress that deserves bigger and better.
Just looking at the photos of the 4 actresses supposedly up for the part, it seems pretty clear the role is that of SHIELD agent Maria Hill, who took over the agency in the Marvel Universe proper when Nick Fury disappeared. If Mary Elizabeth Winstead is really out of the picture, then Morena's definitely the best choice of the remaining actresses.
Smulders and Baccarin are both fine with me. I haven't seen Smulders in anything other than How I Met Your Mother. It'd be interesting to see what she does with another kind of part.
Based on my own ideas of who's suitable, if it's Maria Hill, I'm going to say go with Morena. If it's Daisy Johnson (who started off as a SHIELD agent before becoming a member of the Secret Warriors) I'm saying go with MEW. Hoping it's Hill, though....I want to see Morena get the exposure...
I vote Morena, as I wouldn't be able to see Smulders as anything but "Robin", and I don't wanna be watching this movie and going "hey, Robin!". Meanwhile, after seeing Morena as Inara, the Orici, and Anna, I could easily just see her as a fun genre actress. Although, hopefully they make her grow her hair back out...
Seeing as no one else seems to wanna have her back, I'm gonna shill for Jessica Lucas. She is just sooo pretty... *gushing* I mean, Morena is very nice too but Jessica... I just have a soft spot for her...

Although, among these girls there are no wrong choices...

EDIT: And actually, for fans of HIMYM and V... You should really be hoping for Jessica to get it, especially since MEW seems to not be going for the role, cause given that it's such a substantial deal (9 movies), there's a good chance that both Cobie and Morena will have to leave their respective shows in order to fulfill that contract. Now V might very well be canceled anyway before that, in fact it's probably fairly likely that it will be I think, but a Robin less HIMYM? THAT would be a HUGE loss for that show. So definitely, go Jessica Lucas... Who's with me?! :D

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2011-02-04 00:45 ]
It would be awesome to see Morena in the Avengers, but I have a feeling that someone saw Samuel L. Jackson's interview and threw together a list out of the blue and the Hollywood rumor mill did the rest. Or maybe I'm just overly cynical after reading all of those Wonder Woman casting rumors after Joss repeatedly said over and over again that he hasn't done any casting for the movie.
Well if MEW is out, then it's Morena. Although if Joss wants to make a musical then MEW is definintely a choice. Maybe one of the 9 films will be a musical...?
Is it nepotism if Ms. Baccarin gets the role? Ahhh, Hell, I don't even care if it is. (really I don't know if that term refers to biological family or just family family.)

Also, maybe the mystery woman will be running SWORD..."Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department." Yeah, I know it is unlikely...but still. I am deeply, truly, passionately in love with Joss's Astonishing X-Men. Say what you will, but X-Men has had so man terrible arcs with no sense of humanity or irony or gravity that Astonishing made me believe again. Go Agent Brand...and Hisako...and Kitty. Oh, and Cylclops. Wow, Cyclops is cool! How?! Eh...They are all aweaome.
Well if Mary's out for sure (sadness!) then I'm running full behind Morena. I hope she gets it!
So are we all buying that the role up for grabs is not The Wasp?
I'm buying that it won't be the Wasp. I'm also thinking that it's gotta be Maria Hill, especially if Morena was being looked at because of her current look on V, with short hair and a colder, businesslike demeanor. Put her in a SHIELD jumpsuit and--

Say... Maria Hill gets an awful lot of butt shots in the comics, doesn't she?

Um. I gotta go now.
Djungelurban: I'm fairly certain that any deal made with either Morena or Cobie would include a clause that would give priority to their current shows, or that they'd work out a mutually beneficial schedule so that they could do both. Signing on for the movies doesn't necessarily mean they'd have to give up their current jobs. Filming can also happen during the down-time between TV seasons. Avengers is going to start filming in late-April...I'm pretty sure the TV shows will be finished or close to finished filming for the season by then.
Plus its not like its a MAJOR role. They could probably film all their scenes in one month or if this was a Robert Rodriguez day.
Since V is on ABC doesn't that mean they're more likely to go for corporate synergy and would be more willing to work out amicable schedules?

I don't really know anything about Lucas--though I had no idea there was even a TV show called FWB, I just thought there were like three or four movies with similar premises coming out soon with similar titles like those Portman and Kunis ones.

As for MEW who seemed very personable even if her character in Scott Pilgrim was a bit aloof and hard to read-- she can at least totally sell action sequences when the need arises. She has a little bit of a dancer background like Summer Glau if I remember correctly?
orangewaxlion I assume you haven't read the SP comics? I recommend you watching the deleted scenes from Scott Pilgrim then. There's a lot of longer scenes with Ramona (pre-Patel) and it gives her much more of a spark. I think its almost essential to understanding Movie Ramona. And, indeed, she can dance!

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