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February 03 2011

io9 lists every potential scifi/fantasy series for U.S. networks this fall. There are some former Mutant Enemy scribes working on pilots and scripts that might go to pilot for potential new shows this fall. The list includes: Marti Noxon (Chloe), Sarah Craft and Elizabeth Fain (Secret Circle), and David Greenwalt (Grimm).

The list also includes some very promising sounding shows that will probably never be made, or get cancelled prematurely, and many samey-sounding derivative shows that will likely be hugely successful. But hopefully at least one awesome show survives!
Secret Circle sounds like a must-watch for me now. They didn't note, but its by the same author as The Vampire Diaries novels - ultimate companion show there.

I'm still curious about the police solving crimes with magic. The BSG finale didn't kill my appreciation for RDM's writing talent, so I'm watching that. That "Aka" thing looks interesting, "Raven" too.

I think "Alcatraz" will hit its stride in its second season, then be on the bubble for the rest of its life. Uh, none of these will compare to FX's Powers, whenever that gets moving, though.

(Obviously assuming these get picked up.)
I tend to follow writers more than premises, because if a past show has had quality writing and good characters, then often I'll enjoy their future work as well. (Which is probably why I'm a member of Whedonesque!)

So I'm especially interested in the Ron Moore projects, Alcatraz, the Bryan Fuller project (loved Pushing Daisies so much), and of course these projects by former Buffy/Angel scribes.

Meanwhile I'm pretty pessimistic about Terra Nova, but will check it out. (Or at least check out reviews and maybe catch up later on Hulu).
I have to say, I really have mixed feelings about the adaptation of Being Erica. Call in Canadian pride, but I just don't see why ABC can't air the original version.

Poe, Raven, and Grimm have my interest, at least, so if they survive I'll try to catch them.

Also, the premise behind Splitting Adams sounds like it would work better as move instead of a TV show, I have to say.
I very much want to see Grimm.
Not much to get excited about really. Paranormal Procedural is one genre that does not interests me that much. And I could care less about the endless fairytale mash-ups.

The one I'd like to see the most is Smokers because it's BKV and he needs to emerge from the Hollywood black hole he's in. Also Sand Men sound cool. Even though the title sucks (Sandman anyone?), I do like stories that deal with dreams and such.

Oh, and what happened to io9? Their new layout blows.
I'm not terribly excited about any of them myself. But the real question is, why do they feel a need to remake every old series out there? What happened to fresh,new ideas? lol
Alcatraz. The new J.J. Abrams weird-fest. A group of prisoners and guards disappear from the notorious island prison 30 years ago, and then reappear in the present day.

That should be "50 [or more] years ago," unless the prisoners and guards happened to be taking the park tour in the early 1980s when they disappeared.
Arison wrote:
I have to say, I really have mixed feelings about the adaptation of Being Erica. Call in Canadian pride, but I just don't see why ABC can't air the original version.

Americans don't like reading subtitles.

I agree with you, though. So many American shows are filmed in Canada and with many Canadian actors anyway, so why not just pick up the Canadian series?
Actually, I think it's because Americans can't understand Canadian accents. Honestly, I think Being Erica had a great premise and a lot of potential, but it didn't seem like it was ever going to use any of its potential, so I gave up on it after eight episodes. That's why I think I remake's actually a great idea: with a strong production team, it could easily improve on the original.
I read the first book that Secret Circle is based on, and it was atrocious. I'm sure the show could be better, and if it's as good as The Vampire Diaries - a fun plot-twisty vampire romp - I'll be happy.
OK, loads of cool stuff! Hope some of it actually gets made.

Poe, AKA Jessica Jones, Magical Law, 17th Precinct, Grimm and Rest especially picqued my interest
I need to point out that it's Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, not the other way around like the article and the tags say.

I'll most likely check out Grimm and Secret Circle at some point. I love Greenwalt and I'm sure Craft&Fain will do a good job with SC, considering they wrote Vampire Diaries' The Descent. Haven't read the source material though, so I might be worng.
I automatically cringe when I hear or read the word ReBoot. Please... once was enough, unless it's Firefly.
Oops. I just copied the names from the article!

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