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February 03 2011

Great Whedon show memorabilia from Ausiello. Michael Ausiello is auctioning off a bunch of TV memorabelia he has collected over the years, including things from Angel, Buffy, and Firefly. All proceeds go to support the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

There's an unopened cargo crate press kit for Firefly, a VHS screener of "Hush" for Buffy, and VHS screeners of "Not Fade Away" and "Home" for Angel.

Any wealthy Whedonesquers wanna bid on the Cargo Crate Press Kit for me? Anyone?


I know! It's never been opened and he said he has no idea what's inside. I'm so curious!
Now he's throwing in shipping for free on the crate!
Whoa, those Battlestar Galactica items are CHOICE. And that Bones beaker is adorable! Don't eat the candy!
Oooooh that crate the really rocks. The stickers alone are so shiny. So worthy, so wonderful, so little money..gorram
@kelbellene, there's also a VHS screener of Angel finale "Not Fade Away"
The crate is probably filled with dense foam or some other packing material.

I'll bid on that Not Fade Away vhs for sure.
@alcabong, I don't think so -

The promo kits sent to press (and local stations) usually include cast photos and bios, screeners and promotional goodies (T-shirts, caps, etc). The fact that the TV Guide critic did not even bother opening the press kits was probably a sign of TV Guide's interest in these shows, the fact that Mike A. kept them all these years shows that he did know the shows' worth.
Crate's at $500 which looks like the high bid of all the items for now.

@proggrrl -- thanks, I was curious. Personally, I want the blueprints.

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@true to dru I thought he had all of this stuff because it was the swag he wanted to keep. I know for sure Gilmore Girls is one of his favorites and there's some stuff from that. Though that doesn't explain why he didn't open the press kit...
The Firefly Cargo Crate is at $730.00. I put in a bid at $550, but with 9 days left to go I knew my bid wouldn't win. I'm glad it's earning so much money for charity, though!

I'm also glad it's the highest priced item. Since it's too rich for my blood, I might bid on the Hearst College cap 'cause it makes me laugh.
I wish I was a TV guide critic who gets swag from cool shows. I would totally bid a thousand dollars on the Firefly crate, if I had a thousand dollars to waste lose er... I better stop before I talk myself into buying it!

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OK someone just left this link on the crate bid:

So now we can be pretty sure of what's in the crate, for those of you who haven't already seen the ones sold in the past. Very cool!
The intro letter from Mal:

Dear Friend:
It seems as though my crew and I have once again found ourselves in a heap of trouble. The Alliance has quickly become “interested” in our every movement. So, we’re heading back out to the fringes of the universe to lay low until the heat dies down. As a fellow Independent, I’m hoping you could keep these items safe in case we run into those nasty Reavers.

Captain Mal Reynolds

Someone who really loved me wouldn't hesitate to buy that crate for me.

Just sayin...
If there's a frozen girl in it, she's going to be really annoyed when she wakes up.
Re: the very shiny Firefly crate. You don't reckon there's a little dead guy in there, do you? I know I didn't order one - anybody else order one? I mean, what'd you all order a dead guy for? (straightens hat)
Maybe it's a leftover crate of geisha bobbleheads?


Gotta say, seriously waffling on getting in on the current bidding. I managed to force at least one Browncoat to go to $750.00+ for the sucker, but a full 1K? I guess we really some 8 year old Fox letterhead to burn in effigy or something, huh?

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