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February 04 2011

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Live in Vegas. A live version of the online hit is scheduled to open in May of this year.

...What are the legalities to this? It's one thing for a school or college group to put on a low-budget performance; it's another for a Las Vegas production company to do so.

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A little more info can be found here.
From what I can tell it looks to be more community theater, less Las Vegas production.

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In terms of legalities, as long as they went through the Dr. Horrible Project Manager as instructed at, it should be okay regardless of their intentions.
@Matt7325 I can't speak to this particular production, but I do know that the Seattle production has a contract and pays a per-performance royalty to the powers that be at Dr. Horrible.
Off-Strip Productions is a non-profit whose theater is behind a clothing store. Just because it's in Vegas doesn't mean it's some giant casino lounge act.
I'm extremely excited about this because I live in Vegas. I'll definitely be going to see this in May!
Just because it's in Vegas doesn't mean it's some giant casino lounge act.

Nah, that's not what I meant though. An amateur college group is one thing; a proper production team with a history of running shows is another kettle of fish.

That being said, if the Whedons aren't being jipped, then cool.
Very cool, especially along with the news that Dollhouse is now being aired in Croatia and Slovakia.
Joss & Company really are taking over the world. :_)
Seems to be a small community theater there. Great!

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