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February 05 2011

Dollhouse opening a new branch in Slovakia. Add another country to the list of international broadcasters of Joss' youngest show. Slovak TV JOJ will start airing Dollhouse from 15th February under the ridiculous title "Tender Killers".

They will broadcast it twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at 21:45 CET. The link leads to a promo clip made by the TV. Here's the translation:

There's a place
where they'll wipe away
your grief,
But everything has it's price.
Tender Killers
Coming soon to TV JOJ.

Tender Killers?? lol
Does that title lose a bit in translation or is it just as bad?
That's definitely lost something in translation. lol.
Jaymii: It's that bad. Alternative translations could be Gentle Killer or Sweet Killers. So as you can see, it's really one big WTF, but hey, at least they're finally bringing the show to the country. And they're even airing it in a good time (shows like this are usually broadcasted here either during the day or late night, but rarely in prime time), so I guess they deserve some credit for that.
Croatia has Dollhouse now too, as of about a month ago.
I actually don't mind that title. It isn't particularly good, but I've heard worse.
The Croatian title is "Kuća lutaka", or House of Dolls / Dollhouse, just thought I'd add that in case anyone likes to keep track of such things.
Anyone heard of any weird Buffy translated titles? In Sweden, the show is sometimes direcly translated ("Buffy the vampire slayer") but mostly it's called "Buffy and the vampires".
I think the French title (at least in Canada) is "Buffy contre les vampires" - "Buffy Against the Vampires".
Thanks for this fascinating stuff. I'm glad to see Dollhouse getting aired internationally.
In Germany Buffy is called "Buffy: Im Bann der Dämonen" (if my German is right, in English it means something like "Buffy: In the Power of Demons" or "Cursed By Demons") and Angel is "Angel: Jäger der Finsternis" ("Angel: Killer of Darkness" or I guess more loosely "Angel: Killer of Dark Beings").

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