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February 05 2011

Cobie Smulders closes in on "Avengers". Deadline reports that "How I Met Your Mother"'s Cobie Smulders is the frontrunner to play S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill in "The Avengers," and that a deal may be reached by the end of the weekend.

DEADLINE also reports that Smulders was a frontrunner for Joss' "Wonder Woman."

Go Cobes. Totally support this.
Oh, that's great news! I love Cobie.
Pretty great pick.
Maria Hill... nice to see it touch the New Avengers era.
Robin Sparkles in The Avengers? Can't argue with that!
Woo Hoooo! WW woman at last, sorta!
Dislike. I will only be able to see her as Robin. Give it to Morena!
Cool! I would like that. (Though I've no idea who Maria Hill or SHIELD are)
Very nice. While I love Morena, Cobie is also awesome. I support this as well.
Yay Scherbatsky!

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This would be awesome!
Love Cobie. Love this decision. Can't wait til its official. Can't wait to see the Captain America teaser tomorrow. Can't wait for Joss Whedon to rule the world.
Too bad for Morena but maybe that just leaves her open for some other roles since I certainly can't see the whole Whedon film--or franchise in general-- only having two female characters of the slightest importance at all.

Plus if it is Maria Hill I only read the stuff where that character was a jerk so maybe it'd be a nice touch if an actress with a bit more of a comedic slant were able to make that character more likable or fun.
I'm thrilled as long as it doesn't impact on HIMYM too much.
I imagine Mrs Smulders being a fitting fill for the Maria Hill role.
I'm warming up to this idea. I think she'll fit into this world nicely; it'll be nice seeing her as someone other than Robin too.
You know, I clicked this cause I had no idea who she was. Mary Elizabeth winstead and Morean were the only two on that list I had heard of. So there's no fear I'll be imagining this Robin character!! But hey, it's Joss's choice, he hasn't been wrong so far, plus maybe Morena could be Wasp?!?!
The latest from /Film:

"Update (from Peter Sciretta): The Hollywood Reporter has word that Smulders is in “final negotiations” to take on the role, a deal which has options for a number of future Marvel movie appearances. The Avengers is scheduled to start shooting in late April 2011."
orangewaxion - Angel usually got by with only one female character in a world of men. Trouble with Marvel comics, comics universes in general really, the great female characters are relatively few and far between...

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