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February 05 2011

Buffy Season 8 wins SFX Award. It beat 'Batman and Robin', 'The Walking Dead' and 'The Marvels Project' in the 'Best Comic or Graphic Novel' category. ETA: Watch Scott Allie's acceptance video here.

Wow. It beat Batman and Robin AND The Walking Dead? Nice.

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That is exciting but...kind of surprising. (I'm a huge Walking Dead fan, and haven't read Batman and Robin, though I've heard it is very good.)
Was there some limitations on the nominations?

It's not like 'Season 8', 'Batman and Robin', 'The Walking Dead' and 'The Marvels Project' are the worst comics out there imo, but I wouldn't place any of them in the running as the best either. 'The Marvels Project' is hardly even the best project in the last year by it's writer.

Nothing personal against Season 8, but I can't help but be puzzled.
I'm with you, Risch22. "Puzzled" is a good word.

(And, once S8 ended, I actually decided I really liked it as a whole. Once it came together in my mind, I think it's a lot better than I used to think it was.)

Anyways, there must be some limitation, or maybe it was voted on? (Buffy fans have a way of out-voting everyone else in these things) Was it by sales? (Though I think WD would probably win there). Hmm....
I could see it beating Batman and Robin, but I'm surprised it beat the Walking Dead. Especially since the hugely successful Walking Dead TV show premiered this past year.
"Best TV Episode
The last ever episode of Ashes To Ashes"

Damn straight!
Super Mario Galaxy 2 beating out Mass Effect 2?

I'll eat my bloody hat.

Buffy Season 8 was really good, but there was a lot of Dr. Who winning, but then again British magazine . . .
Well... I can't compare SMG2 to ME2. I can compare ME1 to ME2 and there was siginficant dropoff in terms of story and depth from 1 to 2. So I can't be too annoyed by it.

I told someone after playing ME2 that I just collected 9 charecters and blew something up, but I'm not really sure why. It still had good writing in terms of charecters, but the plot could have used an overhaul. I really wasn't a big fan of the abrupt abandonment of the Spectre storyline... it was a bit like "human beings have power (in this story anyway) for the the first time, but lets forget about that for a bit and concentrate more on explosions."

And yea, that's SFX for ya'. I must confess, I'm not an avid reader... but the stuff I have read makes SFX to Dr. Who what IO9 is to Joss Whedon.
It's a pretty weird list. How can Edgar Wright be named Best Director and yet Scott Pilgrim is not even in the runners up for Best Film? (sidebar: in which I totally agree that it shouldn't be. What a horrible film.) But still, it doesn't make sense to me. I've always thought that Best Director and Best Film (like for the Oscar's) should be combined into one award.

And Misfits as Breakout of the Year even though it's on its second series. How does that work?

Anyway, congrats to Jeanty, Joss and SA for the S8 gong.
Mass Effect 2 was my favorite game of last year -- and probably this generation of consoles -- but Super Mario Galaxy 2 was amazing as well. Can't argue with its win.
Horrible? Scott Pilgrim? Methinks are tastes are not the same, Kaan.
Scott Pilgrim was no where near horrible in my opinion. I loved it. Edgar Wright is very good at making movies targeted at a specific audience. Scott Pilgrim was fan service for gamers. Shaun of the Dead was a zombie movie buff's dream come true and Hott Fuzz was like an awesome tribute to buddy cop action movies. As a long time gamer, Scott Pilgrim hit all the right notes for me
Wait ... Ashes to Ashes is a sequel to Life on Mars? ZOMG how did I not know this existed?! I must watch it immediately!

And, um, Season 8 won an award? Huh.

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