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February 06 2011

It's time to Avenge tonight during the Superbowl. A preview of Captain America, which as we've previously covered Joss worked on, airs tonight during the Superbowl. Linked is the movie one sheet, which says simply "Avenge". Update: Yahoo! has the trailer online.

I was half hoping that Joss would be writng the USO musical numbers for the movie too.
After "Action Doctor", this was a great role for Lucas Lee to take on :)
I'm much more excited for Captain America than I am for Thor. Excited for the trailer.
I'm really looking forward to the trailer too.Everything I'm hearing about the film is on the positive side
Count me amongst those more excited about CA than Thor. Thor looks good, but I've always preferred Cap as a character, and the fact that it's been made by Joe 'Rocketeer' Johnston and our very own Joss just gives it even more of an edge.
The T.V. spot is online at Yahoo.
Ooh! That was good!
And did you catch the Universal Pictures ad for GONERS?

Oh, right. There wasn't one.

b!X, honestly for a second when you said that I believed you. And flipped out with excitement. Then I continued reading/came to my senses. Why must you play with my emotions so?
Because I am a stinker and a Goners lamenter.
Watching a Buffy marathon instead of a bunch of oversized men try to kill each other over a wrong-shaped ball.
You know i was kinda weird about the human torch being the Captain, but after that I feel a little better...
I loved the look of The Red Skull.
Yes, I was relieved re: the Red Skull.
Will or did Joss doing any work on Thor that we know of?
I'm hesitant about Johnston. The Wolfman and Jurassic Park 3 are far more recent than Honey I shrunk the Kids and The Rocketeer. I'm hopeful, but hesitant. Joss' hand and Hugo Weaving's presence do tip me over to Excited instead of worried.

Anyone else thing the "Taller" line is from Joss?

Also a little concerned about the CG thinned out Chris Evans. I'm hoping it doesn't distract from the story!

Excited for both Thor and Cap, but in Thor I'll have to get past the Norse Gods wearing plastic sci-fi space armor.
Well the tiny Evans presumably won't be around the film for too long. It'd probably be a bit expensive and what not... It does totally weird me out a little since it seems like they may have overcompensated to make his transformation more obvious? (What is the tiniest Chris Evans has ever been? I mean coming straight off Scott Pilgrim he was still pretty big, but I'm not sure if that's just in comparison to Cera.)

I'm looking forward to both of these films too considering how I've never really cared about any of the old school avengers but both Iron Man movies were surprisingly fun, and I think of those three he was the one I liked the least.

Plus I suppose both these new ones are vaguely Whedon-esque given his re-write on one, the Hemsworth/Cabin in the other, and how they both lead up to the Avengers?

While I have the same director wariness for these two, where I'm a bit more inclined to trust Thor and Shakespeare matching up, I'm willing to grant Johnston that he came aboard Wolfman at last minute. Also Jurassic Park III had its moments where overall I thought it was less ridiculous than the worst of The Lost World, even if absolutely none of that film remains in my memory.
I hope this shows up online soon.

Heh. I just watched the Jurassic Park trilogy again this weekend (thanks to this amazing fanvid) and obviously the original is best, but I actually enjoyed the third one more than the second. It seemed to better capture the wonder of the premise.

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Emmie, it is online. Courtesy Buffyfantic:

I wasn't distracted by skinny Evans too much, although he was only shown very briefly.

I never saw Wolfman, so I can't really say for that movie, but Jurassic Park 3's problems were mostly script/story based, and I don't think Johnston had much hand in either of those. The directing was fine.

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Agreed, J3's problems were mostly story-based. And thanks for the link, I totally missed that somehow.

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I've added the link to the original story. Rays in the shape of hoos.

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It looked nice but I wasn't overwhelmed by it. Kinda hoo-hum really.
Hmm. Felt a bit like everything else; specifically I hope they don't ignore the period setting for the promos. It makes the Captain a bit different to the others.
Don't judge Johnston on Wolfman he had only three weeks to prepare what was an already screwed up production and admitted he only took it because he had some financial problems at the time. He's had almost a year to get Captain America ready so it should be alot better. Plus well you know Joss!
Yeah, Wolfman was a train wreck when he got on board and few people can spice up anything with the number 3 attached to the title. That said, I'm much more excited about the flick because of Joss' involvement in the script than because of Joe. As Joss pointed out in that audio interview he did right after his Avengers involvement was announced, Marvel Studios likes to go after talented people who are cheap, and I'm sure Joe fit the latter part of that equation at least.
The 'What do you think?' 'I think it works' exchange feels a bit Joss as well....
Free Goners? It would be amazing, but right now I would at least like them to free Cabin in the Woods.

I've been impressed with what I've seen of Thor so far, for a character that I don't really care about. However, Captain America I think really looks great and dead on the way it should look as a period piece. I definitely get a sort of Rocketeer look from this movie (which in my opinion is a good thing). Plus Joss having worked on the script makes me more excited for the movie.

Also I agree that the taller line and shooting the shield and saying "I think it works" both feels like lines/scenes that Joss wrote. I wonder how long until we get some interviews from Joss where he talks about what exactly how involved he was with the script (a bit of polish? mainly dialogue? move scenes around? change structure? etc.).
Matt_Fabb, there's a little bit of that here

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