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February 06 2011

New international trailer for Olivia Williams' 'Hanna'. The film is slated to release April 8th 2011.

Yep. I'm going to see this.
Looks pretty fantastic in my eyes.
Oh, good. Just this past week I was trying to remember the name of this movie, because I had failed to note it after seeing a prior ad.
OW's appearance in the trailer a kind of a blink or you'll miss it bit (like the first trailer). But yay for a release date! Yay, April!
I was a believer from the first time I saw the older trailer. I have high hopes for this film, especially considering Olivia Williams' and Saoirse Ronan's roles.

(Side note: I just looked up the pronunciation of her name. It's "SEAR-shuh." Pretty name, confusing (for me at least) spelling.
Wow, that looks crazy good.
Can't wait to see this, between OW and SR it's got my attention. That kid can do any accent in any part in any film! And I just wanna hear Olivia's amazing accent in any part in EVERY film!

5X5B, her name is Irish for freedom. It's actually fairly common amongst the 90's babies as a result of the Celtic Tiger and whatnot. It comes from the word "saor" which means free.

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Did anyone think "River Tam" when they watched it?
Jep, they run the same.
River Tam was exactly what I was thinking, Simon. I'll still definitely be seeing this, though.
I'm there. I'm so there.

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