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February 07 2011

Brian Lynch's 'Angry Naked Pat' reboots. Brian Lynch's 'Angry Naked Pat' airs its rebooted episode online.

Wow, thanks!

And there is a Joss Whedon reference in episode 2 that pays off in a later episode!

Hope you guys like!
Hilarious!!!! Capricorn on the cusp of aquarius was a nice mention...does that take into account the new sign?

The spirit bear is my favourite thing on the planet right now!
That Spirit Bear absolutely killed me.
This is the best cartoon I've seen in such a long time. I want it on FOX! Of course, he would have to be considerable less angry and less naked, probably called something like Michael - but the point remains! This is amazing.

Great work, Brian!
Man oh man, want to see.

However, I am currently in classroom, teaching a class... so it'd probably be best to avoid angry naked cartoons until I'm home.
Chris Hardwick for the win!

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