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December 24 2003

Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) has signed for appearance at 2 US Conventions in '04. ASH will be attending the Buffy/Angel Vulkon conventions in Houston, TX in May and Tampa, FL in July this year. Tickets are already on sale for the Houston event.

[ edited by RavenU on 2003-12-24 22:52 ]

No other guest are listed for Tampa as of yet, but at the Houston Convention ASH will be joined by Mercedes McNab, Julie Benz, and Juliet Landau so far.

Ticket Prices for Houston range Gold VIP 2-Day ticket: $150 / Silver 2-day ticket: $125 / Single day Saturday Only ticket: $75 / Single day Sunday Only ticket: $60

Sorry - it was late when I posted this and brain was not firing on all thrusters - it has been corrected. :)

Sorry to nitpick, but it's "Houston," not "Huston."

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