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February 07 2011

Shawn Ryan & Tim Minear return to TV with The Chicago Code. They've worked together on Angel and most recently, Terriers. Their new series, The Chicago Code premieres tonight on Fox at 9/8 Central.

Tim Minear on Fox? Well, that means this show will be canceled during the first season.
Don't do that, you just remembered me of Wonderfalls. Now my day you'll be sadder.
Hmm. I loved Angel. I loved The Shield. I loved Terriers. I loved The Inside. I loved Firefly. Heck, I even loved the little we got of Drive.

Probably not for me then ;).
With Jennifer Beals as the lead, no less! I'm there. (For however long there is a there.)
It will beat expectations if 6 episodes make it to air. Terriers had its full run air but that was on FX. Looking forward to another TM show while it lasts though.
They should have premiered this last night after the Super Bowl. Shawn and Tim need a hit!
I'll be there with bells on.

Like GVH and many of you, I lost my heart to all of them. Most recently Terriers was nifty and ace.

In my book, it's better to have loved and lost, etc., etc.

So go ahead, Fox - break my heart again. It'll be stronger where it mends.

; >
Oh, I didn't realize Tim was working on this! I have seen the previews and thought it looked good. Now I am even more excited!
Can't wait! Besides the awesome Shawn Ryan/Tim Minear team-up, Delroy Lindo is one of the leads and he's been great in everything I've seen him in.
I wish them good luck.
I love Tim's work, and in the past have enjoyed shows he's been on regardless of genre. That said, I'm not all that interested in cop shows. But I'll probably check this one out sometime in the future, at least the review sounds pretty positive!
Holy **** I forgot this was tonight. I just got SO PSYCHED.
Terries was the best TV show of the last year. It was SO, SO good.
I think this has a chance because it's a cop show. A lot of people like cop shows; that's why there are so many of them. It's not some high concept thing that has to be explained. Cops/Chicago/corruption. It will start with an audience and if it's good, it will keep them. I like the fact that it will actually be shot at least partly in Chicago and that the writers are making an effort to include authentic local color.
janef, it was shot entirely in Chicago.
If this even comes close to the awesomeness that was the Shield I will be happy
Looked really good to me. Good pacing, interesting characters.
I was not looking forward to this but gave it a shot because...Tim Minear. Yea! I liked it. The Alan Sepinwall Review summed it up pretty well, even to explaining the strange accent of the lead guy. That was a bit distracting, but maybe now that I know why, I'll ignore it more easily. I'm thinking this one might be the one to make it.

I missed Terriers but caught the first 5 episodes on the computer and am really sorry I missed it now. Blast.
It was good - dense and messy and rich and smart and fast. The writing was on it, it looked like a million bucks, and all the actors were great, especially Jennifer Beals.

A very promising beginning...
Heh, QuoterGal I thought you was talking about Terriers until the last sentence.
In my book, it's better to have loved and lost, etc., etc.

So go ahead, Fox - break my heart again. It'll be stronger where it mends.

Amen, sister.
I really liked it. Can't wait to see more.
I thought it started off a bit slow but really slammed into gear in the last 10
Was good. Tone and demands it makes on the viewer were right down the middle, to appeal both to mass audiences and people who mostly watch cable.

Interesting that Fox thinks they can have a show in which the principal villain is a black politician and the principal heroes are white cops without being accused of racial stereotyping. I presume that the writers will make the point as time goes on that corruption is endemic, almost everyone has their fingers in the pie, etc. If they don't, I foresee complaints followed by a boycott campaign in this show's future.

Does the Irish mob still exist in Chicago? If it does, does it cooperate with outsiders in the manner depicted in the series opener? Or is this merely a device to fend off accusations of racism? There was a crime boss with an Irish name in The Wire, but she was black.
I don't think there is any racial stereotyping going on here and Jennifer Beals isn't white.

edited cuz I had the wrong there there.

[ edited by IrrationaliTV on 2011-02-08 21:36 ]
I'm with IrrationaliTV. Should they have only considered white actors for the role of the alderman? Of course not. And the police force seems pretty diverse, especially with Jennifer Beals being half black. I don't see any racism here, just good actors.
Didn't see Tim in the credits--did he come on after the pilot like with Terriers?

Also, thought the first 3/4 were decent, but that last act--or everything from right before the final commercial to the end of the show--was fantastic. Great use of narration.
That. Was. AWESOME!

And hey look, it's Robert Duncan (Castle, Buffy Season 7, Tru Calling, Terriers) scoring the music!
Just watched it. Wow, these guys sure know how to make a riveting first episode. How can they make me care so much about the characters in just the first 45 min? Incredible writing and acting here. Count me completely in!

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