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February 07 2011

First look at Green Lantern: Emerald Knights featuring Nathan Fillion. The Green Lantern: Emerald Knights animated movie comes out 10 days before the live action film.

Nathan Fillion discusses voicing Hal Jordan and the fact that his Two Guys and a Girl co-star Ryan Reynolds is playing the role in the live action movie.

You know, this is trippy. First David Boreanaz voiced Hal Jordon in "New Frontier" and now Nathan's voicing him. Not to mention NPH has voiced both The Flash and Nightwing in DC's Recent animated projects and Summer Glau was Supergirl.

Now if DC can get David to voice Batman just once . . .
Here's the full list of Whedonverse vets who lent their voices to DC Universes Animated fims.

Adam Baldwin voices Superman in Superman/Doomsday.

James Marsters voices Lex Luthor in Superman/Doomsday.

David Boreanaz voices Green Lantern in Justice League:The New Frontier.

Neil Patrick Harris voices The Flash in Justice League:The New Frontier.

Nathan Fillion voices Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman.

Gina Torres voices Superwoman in Justice League:Crisis on Two Earths.

Neil Patrick Harris voices Nightwing in Batman:Under The Red Hood.

Michelle Trachtenberg voices Bar Girl in DC Showcase:Jonah Hex short.

Summer Glau voices Supergirl in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Christina Hendricks voices Lois Lane in All Star Superman.

Alexis Denisof voices ??? in All Star Superman.

Nathan Fillion voices Green Lantern in Green Lantern:Emerald Knights.

Have I missed anyone?

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Nice list, Buffyfantic. I didn't know any of those!
I think there are a lot of Whedon voices in DCU-Online as well. Pretty sure James Marsters plays Lex Luthor in that as well.
Plus, if we include Cartoon Network's Justice League/Justice League Unlimited cartoon as well, we also see the following Whedonverse actors doing voices:

Nathan Fillion as Vigilante

Gina Torres as Vixen

Morena Baccarin as Black Canary

Amy Acker as The Huntress
Don't forget, Neil Patrick Harris was also Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The New Animated Spider-Man. Marvel and not DC, I know, but still in the superhero quota.
Just that much closer to getting my personal circle to overlap with the Whedonverse... (Marc Guggenheim, screenplay for Green Lantern)

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