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February 08 2011

Cobie Smulders confirmed for The Avengers. She will be joining the star-studded cast as Agent Maria Hill.


I like Cobie a lot, but it will be strange to see her playing such a serious character when I've only ever known her as Robin.
This saddens me. Love Robin in I'm scared that this will eventually effect that show in a negative fashion. I'm sad for Morena, who I wanted to be in this film since V is destined to be canceled. And really, I just don't think I can see Cobie as anything but Robin Sparkles after so long.
I can, it's taken me a couple of days but now I'm very happy about this news. She's been knocking on the door of the 'verse for far too long, and it'll be wonderful to see her finally join now. Heh. :p

The little I've learnt about Maria Hill makes her seem perfect for it too.

Tumnus, this mostly films when HIMYM is not in production. If Neil Patrick Harris can do ten million things whilst filming the show I don't see why she can't.
Wooooo! (<-- that was not an indoor wooo, ftr.) Cobie is brilliant. This is actually my favourite casting news so far.
In related news, Jason Segel said he would be leaving at the end of next season when HIMYM cast's contracts expire, so it shouldn't much matter by the time 2012 rolls around anyway.
Wow - where did you read that, Marvelknight? That basically means S7 is the end for HIMYM then...

Pretty happy about Cobie finally becoming a Whedonverser too =D
It's good I think that Morena isn't Maria Hill, because that keeps her open for playing Janet Pym, who she'd be much better at.
Actually, several sources say HIMYM will end after 8 seasons, for instance here:
Count me in as happy about Cobie for the Avengers; it also sounds like her role could be more significant in future movies.
He said it on some business website or something initially, I think. He didn't think there has been as much development for Marshall recently so this season Carter and Bay's have been pulling out all stops to give Segal some work to do. I think it might work.

...And, I'm sure it was season 7 - not 8 - when their contracts expire. I think the creators want to end on the 8th season anyway. Certainly didn't think the quote was to GQ.
This made my month. Congratulations, Canadian sister of my heart!
Great casting IMO.I'm sure she'll be good in the role.
Good to have both Barney and Robin in the Whedonverse! :D
I'm open to whoever Joss wants, I'm sure he'll get an amazing performance out of her (I expect this movie to be 100% made of awesome).
I am really excited for this!
Wasn't Cobie Joss' pick to play Wonder Woman?

She is terrific. And marvelknight616, I love Robin Sparkles but I really think she can pull off serious. I can totally picture her playing an unassuming character until something pushes her over the edge and she goes ballistic. And for that scenario to work well, she would have to have some serious power, IMO. (I'm thinking more Mary Marvel/PowerGirl/Supergirl and less The Wasp) Maybe Joss saw the same thing in her.
Hooray. Big fan of Cobie. My heart likes this news. (I think ya'll know which Dollhouse actress I think should be auditioned for this movie film a bunch of times, also). (And if you don't, she's the one with the first name nobody can pronounce).
Those of you who haven't seen Cobie anywhere else, she's in an episode of Tru Calling, Brother's Keeper. It was a serious role.
I thought she did pretty well.
I have no idea who this character is so I can't say whether she's right for the part, but I like her.
She was also in an episode of Smallville in season 4.The episode,"Bound."
HIMYM is scheduled to end in season 8, guys. Everyones contracted till then.
It's not scheduled to end, Chosen. If it's a ratings success it will continue with or without cast I imagine.

Either way, Cobie isn't Robin. She plays Robin. So all power to her for landing a movie like this; it will really help her career. All credit to Joss for the faith, too.
alexreager: Wasn't Cobie Joss' pick to play Wonder Woman?

That was my first thought, alexreager, when all the speculation started, um, ... spec'ing specusing specularating happening, and yup, in fact.

Actually, since the demise of the satin-tighted project, I've been waiting for Joss to cast Cobie in something. My impression is that once he really likes an actor's work, barring the unforeseen, he'll try to use them where he can.
I hope she's a total bitch!

Her co-creator Brian Bendis thinks it's cool!/BRIANMBENDIS/status/34850258206994432

David Finch appears to be glued to his drawing board
I honestly don't know gossi, but what are the logistics of keeping How I Met Your Mother going even if the cast quits?

Given that framing device of the father narrating how he met the mother, wouldn't they nominally have to at least keep Ted around? I sort of figured that audiences now wouldn't stand for cast replacements unless there's a good enough excuse. (Granted I guess there's the possibility he was an unreliable narrator?)
orangewaxlion, everything you have heard about contracts expiring and cast leaving is simply salary negotiations. No one is leaving HIMYM and the show isn't ending anytime soon. Don't believe the bullshit.
If you run through the cast, it has to only be Segal* who relatively wants out. Aly likes having a sitcom job, NPH has said on numerous occasions that he's with it for the long haul, Radnor likes being on a TV show and Smulders seems to just be enjoying her time - though if she's getting offers like this (and assuming the part'll get bigger) she may want out soon enough. Basically, everyone's sticking around for at least a while longer.

*Who I think might start writing more consistently. Surprised he hasn't begun to produce a pilot yet. Good ol' Muppets. <3

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