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February 08 2011

Seth Green turns another year older. Our favourite pint sized werewolf celebrates the day of his birth right now.

Happy Birthday, Seth Green!
I love that I have the same birthday as someone so funny! Happy Birthday Seth Green!
Happy birthday Avarice!!
Aw yay and me! I got a happy birthday e-mail from Buffyforums too. I don't know if I feel weird about that or not.
and a happy birthday to you digupherbones!! Can't be outdone by Buffyforums!
Happy Birthday to Seth Green and Avarice and digupherbones and me!

Also (as Wikipedia tells me): James Dean, Jack Lemmon and John Williams - that's not bad company. ;)
Don't wish him happy birthday and dis on his height in the same breath. :P

Happy Birthday Seth.
Hehehe, Happy Birthday digupherbones and NotaViking!

And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! xx

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Happy birthday Mr Green.

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