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February 08 2011

Adam Busch announced for Hallowhedon 3. He joins Amber Benson and Charisma Carpenter.

See the Forum announcement post !

Man is anyone going to this? I was thinking about it, and I had thought about the SFX weekender too, but they are so ridiculously expensive, just feels like a total ripoff when you're probably gonna spend most of the weekend waiting in a queue, which admittedly we British do fantastically well, but still...

It's basically 78 for an autograph and photo, and I've never really seen the point of either. The only thing worth going to is the panel talks and they orgainse them in this stupid way where unless you get there right at the start and stay put all evening then you miss out entirely.

Sorry, just needed to moan.
I'm not going to this one (although I really really wish I could), but I have been to the first two Hallowhedons and they were brilliant.

Yeah they are expensive especially if you're not too bothered for autpgraphs and photographs, but in my opinion they're worth it.

For the panels, you don't have to get there right at the start and stay there all evening. They have a seat reservation system, where you go in and reserve your seat in the hall and then you can come and go as you please. You don't have to reserve a seat as soon as the hall opens, but you'll likely end up at the back if you don't.

They make a big effort at the parties too, which the guests usually attend and mingle.
If you've never been to one digupherbones then you probably don't know that you don't spend the whole weekend queuing. Conventions aren't for everyone - if you don't see the point of the autograph or photo then I would recomend that you don't bother. Each to their own as they say. I have always enjoyed them, meeting the guests and other fans, and I've booked for this one.

There are usually very entertaining Q&A/talks, great parties where the guests do mix and have fun with the attendees. Not everyday that you see Alan Tudyk ride a giant spider or Nick Brendon a spinning pumpkin.

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Hallowhedon is great fun, Your 78 buys you two full days of programming including panels, films, parties, an autograph with each guest if you're into that. There's not a lot of queuing as they put up ticket numbers and call 50 or so people at a time.

Add in travel, accomodation and food and it's a fun way of taking a weekend's break without breaking the bank.

But it's horses for courses.

Personally if Amber and Adam are there I'm hoping they bring Eric Kuff and throw in a Common Rotation gig!

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