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February 08 2011

Illustrating the final issue of Buffy Season 8. Georges Jeanty talks to Comic Book Resources about "the process of Buffy". There's spoilers if you haven't read the last two issues.

Also, some mild spoilers about Season 9.
I'm happy about that season 9 spoiler.
Some of his rough sketches are much better than the final product. Buffy on the issue 40 cover, especially.
@CaptainB: I feel quite the same way.
"I was unaware at the time of Giles' fate, and the elimination/reappearance of Dawn was more of a publicity stunt. There was talk that Dawn was going to be the one to die, and advance viewings of the issue 40 cover wanted to hint at that."

They think we were fooled by that?
Did you miss all the people pointing out that Dawn wasn't on the #40 cover when it was revealed?
No, I'm pretty sure he got it, but I'm of the same mind. They practically screamed "DAWN IS GOING TO DIE?" Then, the knocked on our doors, handed us a flyer that said "Just in case you miss it, we're killing Dawn." So pretty much, Dark Horse killed all the "Will Dawn die?" suspense by pushing her death so hard.
I think that perception is a little skewed. In active fandom, perhaps it was an oversell, but do we know for sure that people outside fandom got it? Even here, there were people who bought it. As far as a PR stunt goes, it worked. It pretty much polarized fan opinion, and there was quite a lot of chatter about which Scooby would bite it.
The oversell killed the 'Dawn's gonna die' speculation for me. I knew someone was going to die, but I was certain it wasn't Dawn.

The first cover that showed Dawn hurt hinted enough at her death. Messing with the cover for Issue 40 was indeed overkill.
Again, see "skewed." I'm not saying it wasn't overkill (see original comment). But it's marketing, and really, all that build-up pretty much served the purpose of a teaser of an episode. Except, we have months to stew about something, from the time the solicitations are released until the issue hits the stands.
It's only overkill when viewed as a whole. The Chen cover to #38, the preview to #38, the conversation between Dawn and Xander in #37, the #40 variant cover.
The problem is that the solicitations come out way before an issue does. And so, to avoid spoiling any details (see Chen's #39 cover) or to tease an upcoming event (the Dawn fakeout), covers are doctored accordingly. And hey, there were also quite a few people freaking out about Spike's absence on the cover too.

And many people, who aren't us, as in on Whedonesque, or SlayAlive, or any of the other Whedon-related/centric forums, may not be as in touch, as in they may not be as aware of all the bits and pieces that lead to it becoming overkill.

And how many of us actively participate in conversation about the comics anyway? I'd guess you'd be hard-pressed to find over 100 unique individuals. Fact is, those of us who may be aware of every bit of promotion put out number well under 1% of Season 8's readership (based solely on the number of individual copies sold per month, which is probably an overestimate, since total readership is more than likely larger, due to illegal downloads and TPB readers). So yeah, for those inundated by spoilers, overkill. To those who aren't, probably not.

Hence my "skewed" comment.

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Xi, please note that I was speaking about my personal experience. Since I'm talking about myself, you're overstepping in negating my point of view. My personal experience isn't "skewed" because it's my personal experience.
Wasn't negating your personal experience, Em. Rather, preventing a counter to it. And the "skewed" bit wasn't directed personally at you, rather at the active fandom. I understand that you speak for yourself, but I'm trying to present the other POV, from the perspective of those not as in the loop.

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