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February 08 2011

Dollhouse's Liza Lapira returns to TV tonight with Traffic Light on FOX. I've seen the pilot, it causes me to raise two of my thumbs up.

She was so cute in Dollhouse.
Yeah, but what does it make you do with the rest of them?
Haven't seen any of Traffic Light yet, but I actually found Liza to be quite "fall-to-the-ground beautiful" in Dollhouse...
I've heard that it gets better as it goes along. I'm looking forward to it, and am also curious how long a format like this can last. Hmm. A Whedon alum just makes me even more excited for it. :)
I dunno...after the horrid "Better With You" and the mediocre "Perfect Couples", I don't think I have it in me to give another Modern Family knock off a chance. Yes, we get it, one successful show had three very different couples that are related and close...does that mean we have to be spoon fed three watered down knock offs?
Tumnus, this isn't a Modern Family knock-off. It's a remake of a very popular Israeli show.
And there is ANGEL's "Skip" David Denman! :)
IrrationaliTV, I haven't seen it, but that's the impression I got from Alen Sepinwall's review of it. He usually knows what he's talking about, so I figured he was right.
I had no idea that Roy from the Office was Skip. Wow.
And David Denman plays Liza Lapira's partner :)
I saw an article about this and Chicago Code the other day and almost posted it under the title 'Ivy is married to Skip', but then didn't get around to it.
Yeah, I got 11 minutes and 19 seconds into it and had to shut it off. I thought it was awful. It's basically Fox's answer to Rules Of Engagement, which I also find insipid, unoriginal and unfunny. This just felt too scripted and sitcom-y to me. The only good thing I can say? Liza Lapira was delightful in the few scenes I saw her in before I just couldn't hold on. Man, not making it through a show is HUGE for me.

This has canceled written all over it. If it manages to become the next 'Til Death (another head scratcher that baffled me how it not only got picked up, but stuck around), I think my eyeballs might explode.
@kunggubear From what I understand the pilot is supposed to be the weakest of the next four episodes. I wasn't pleased with how cliche it felt but I do like the actors enough to give it another shot.

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