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February 08 2011

Cabin in the Woods might finally be released! A new distribution deal with Sony and MGM might increase our chances of seeing Cabin in the Woods!

Now if Sony would agree to release it only in its originally intended 2D form...

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b!X, since so far as we know they never got around to 3Ding it, isn't it likely that the distributors are not going to want to spend more money on post-production and just release it in its current format?
I've never heard the definitive on the 3D status. If I missed it, I'd love it if someone could remember where and share. (I remember the discussion where it sounded like they might not have, but I don't remember deeper than that.)

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Ah, I do remember this, wherein as of early/mid 2010 it apparently hadn't been converted yet.
Oh frabjous day! I really hope this works out.
Anyone else expecting a cancellation midway through the screening?
"We're sorry, but the movie you are in the process of watching has been cancelled. You thought it was good to be true, and guess what, it was!"
Please let this movie finally be released! I just hope they release it in october now that the Saw franchise is over. But..Sony aren't going to want to spend money on this, no? They may wait til like a month before they release it to show a trailer and then show blinkandyoumissit tv spots.
I really hope it's not in 3D but i'd rather have it in 3D then not at all.
Frankly, I'd be okay with a crappy 3D job to accompany the 2D release if only because it increases the film's chance of success. It pains me to be so money-minded while I complain about the crappy 3D of Clash of the Titans, but I want Joss to keep making moviefilms and if 3D will help that happen, then more power to it.
3D isn't an issue. Just don't see the 3D version, they have normal versions of everything. I am legally blind in one eye, and thus barely able to see anything 3D (you need two working eyes), so while I hate this craze, I just watch the same movies in 2D and save the money. It's pretty easy.
I'd release it post Thor when people are clamoring for more Chris Hemsworth
October would be a really good slot for it. (also, was originally due to be released in October).
When's the new Scream movie coming out? I would guess that would be Cabin's biggest competitor.
Scream 4 is April, I thInk. Releasing CABIN post-Thor really does make the most sense, I think.
Not getting my hopes up. Chris Hemsworth is also in Red Dawn. And I have the feeling that if the studio was hoping to launch off of Chris' exposure post-Thor they will go with the remake before the original horror film.
October would be a really good slot for it.

It would escape the summer bloodbath. Plus a Comic Con panel would help things along nicely.
I just thought of another reason to hope for this to be released this year. Without any upcoming Joss projects on the near horizon this site is going to get really quiet(witness the front page with umpteen lists being posted). We need something to talk about(other than comics I mean.)
Of all the 3D movies I have seen, Avatar is the only one that was worth the money, so mostly now I only go to the 2D ones.
I just saw Green Hornet, which was converted to 3D in post, and I thought it looked pretty good. Not all 3D-after-the-fact movies look like Clash of the Titans...

And, like Jobo said, 3D is the big craze right now (though it's certainly possible that in half a year, there might be some serious 3D fatigue), so if it helps the movie, then I say 3D the **** out of it!
Watch them release it opposite Harry Potter 7B.

Anyone else expecting a cancellation midway through the screening?

Only if it is a homage to the Holy Grail.

Considering the woes and delays for this film, it would also be appropriate if the opening "credits have been completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute."
Does anyone actually know/remember if they made the switch to 3D, or if it was just planned but never actually done? If that's the case, then I doubt they would waste the money to make it 3D now. Though I have been wrong before. (Probably.)
Look upthread; that was one of the first things we discussed/asked.

And the reason it shouldn't be 3D, to address another comment above, is because Goddard directed it in 2D. It's constructed for a 2D film frame.
How final was the cut that was shown at the test screenings?
The only reason I really want to see this movie is to see if the script I was given was a red herring ... to be honest, I kind of hope it was.
There is an article about this in today's (Wed.) Los Angeles Times Business section that specifically mentions "Cabin" and "Red Dawn." It makes it sound like Sony will be distributing the films as part of this agreement.
Well, yes. The link here is to the LA Times pre-print blog item, which says precisely that. Or, at least it is now. I can't remember if it linked there originally.

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Sorry, didn't mean to replicate the info (I hadn't known it was the same article). I bear news for the comparative Luddites amongst us :)
Meanwhile back on the "was it ever converted to 3D?" question, I just came across this comment from October 2010 from someone claiming to be at MGM.
4. CABIN IN THE WOODS – Also NEVER tested NOR was converted to 3D. There were discussions…which never played out. It’s the least commercial of the 4 movies she greenlit but a very cool cult film.
That comment, however, now re-raised the "test" issue, because like Simon I thought there had been mention of test screenings for Cabin.

ETA that for what it's worth, the delay to turn it 3D was announced in October 2009. If it's true that as of the above linked comment in October 2010 that conversion hadn't happened, then it's pretty much safe to say it didn't happen, yeah?

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Well, lets take a step back and keep our fingers crossed that this deal actually goes through.

Here's hoping!
You're not wrong, b!X. This is what Brian White said some time back:

"I hear they just did a screening, and it went down very well- he apparently hit it out of the park."

From here: (Sorry, I always forget how to post links here)
FWIW: The Cabin in the Woods indeed never was actually converted to 3D, although there were tests run. We just have to keep it that way.

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