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February 08 2011

See Marti Noxon's "I Am Number Four" in Austin--free! The Alamo Drafthouse hosts a free screening of the sci-fi thriller (which Noxon co-wrote).

All you have to do is live in/near Austin, RSVP on Facebook, and show up in time to get a seat. Color me excited. :-)

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I won tickets to see it tomorrow in Portland.
That looks like such a good movie.
I am surprisingly optimistic about this movie. It could easily turn out to be Twilight-cash in tripe, but everything I've seen just makes me hopeful that it's good.

Love Marti, Dianna Agron and I'll see anything with Timothy Olyphant. One of the best actors in the business.
Wyndam_, I completely agree with you. I'm only seeing it because of the three you mentioned :)
My wife and I burst out laughing when we saw an ad for this last night, as a hot blonde woman says "I'm Number Six". What a coincidence....
Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy) tweeted, "It's like a really good episode of Buffy." :D
Funny that Mr. Mustafa would say so since... the next one who should play a character so-named is in this very film. And does not go by a numeric alias, for clarity.
I was clear as mud! Agron for Warner reboot would be the message there, and actually reason enough for me to go see this on her own.
KingofCretins, are you talking about the Buffy reboot? All feelings about a reboot w/o Joss aside, that could be really good casting I think.
Anybody else see the movie tonight? I need some Buffy fans to discuss it with. Anyone?
Was it any good?
All in all, yes it was a good movie. It had some issues, and I did have some misgivings at first, but it turned out to be a pretty decent superhero origin film. It had several elements that tickled my fancy a bit, and one thing in particular that made me *need* to see it again just so I can get an answer to a question. And if I am correct in what I thought I heard, Buffy fans will be squeeing up a storm. Just saying.

I really liked the Sarah character played by Dianna Agron. She reminded me of one of my own protagonists, and it inspired me to work on my own story. Both characters are photographers. I loved the photography projects Sarah was working on.

Don't know if this is a spoiler, so I'll invisitext it. It's just a mild spoiler about a Buffy archetype in the movie.

I'd recommend this movie to any superhero/sci-fi fan, and any fan of Roswell, Buffy, or Smallville. I've seen the comparison to Buffy, but to me this was much more Roswell-y than anything else. Roswell was definitely an influence in the creation of the story.

Oh, and it's based on a series of books, I found out.

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I saw it last night also, and thought it was very enjoyable. It took time to establish and develop the characters, and saved most of the big action scenes for late in the movie, which I appreciated. There were a few aspects that annoyed me:

Despite those things though, I really enjoyed it overall. And it has a light touch that reminded me of Buffy. It's a movie that takes the characters seriously, but is aware that there's a certain amount of humor in the premise and the situations.
I agree with you, erendis about most of your criticism. Though it was a cheesy, I actually liked the It reminded me a lot of Roswell and how those aliens

However, a rule like that only paints the narrative into a corner.

Erendis, I'm about to email you to ask you a specific Q about the movie.

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