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February 09 2011

Pop Classics: Buffy's 'I Was Made To Love You'. Still wondering if that particular episode is a retelling of Pygmalion? Well you might want to consider reading this blog post.

What I most think of with that episode is how it's basically the last stand of the Scoobies as a non-dysfunctional killin-demons-and-havin'-laughs group of buds. They never would truly recapture the purity of it, the fact that they were so on lock at that point that they can complete each other's thoughts and just nail down the robot thing in two minutes and basically get back to a pleasant week. I find it particularly poignant that the person in the group who seemed to understand and even sympathize the most with Warren... was Tara.

There would be great moments and great victories after this, but it really was the last time we saw them so seamless either as friends or as a team.
I've never gave this episode much thought, seeing where it was placed. The only thing I can recall was the shock of Joyce's death.

However, this author has made a point I'd never realized before, even now. And it's a good one. The empty girlfriend bell. Hmmp, I know we've covered this subject everyway to 'tilsdays, but this is new to me.
That was a good read. There's also an interesting commentary on the Dr Horrible musical commentary (where Joss at least half-seriously complains that his stories are "picked apart" by people analyzing them) in the Archive of this blog. Maybe it has been linked before, but if not, check it out...
Yeah good read and there's loads of other interesting stuff on there. (I don't think I ever came across this site before, though it must have linked to a dozen or so times already) Thank you for pointing this out Simon!
IWMTLY is IMHO one of the most underrated episodes of Buffy, because it is so overshadowed by The Body, which is clearly one of the greatest.
This was a good read. IWMTLY is one of those eps that I've come to appreciate more with re-watches. And I always skip The Body (twice was once too many).

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