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February 09 2011

(SPOILER) Jed and Maurissa talk about returning to the Dollhouse. Interview with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming one-shot. Some spoilers about the main players of the miniseries, and perhaps a hint or so about what's to come.

Was this posted before, or am I just remembering a similar article? It's hard to tell.
Similar. This article just went up.
I kind of like that they're not exploring what happened after Epitaph Two. I thought the ending of the series was perfect. I'm really glad they're focusing on the exploration of the time gap.
Continuing the mini issue that came with Season 2 as well as filling in the time gap? I'm all over it.
This pair is unstoppable for the entertainment! Spartacus, youtube, comics, twitter updates...Let it never end!
I approve of everything here.

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