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February 10 2011

The Trailer for "Hop" written by Brian Lynch, is now online. Via Bleeding Cool.

Or watch it on the official "Hop" website.

Very surprisingly witty, perhaps thanks to Mr. Lynch?
When I read the concept here awhile back, my initial impression was that it sounded very funny and sweet. The trailer has confirmed my impression (well of course the Easter bunny lives on Easter island. HAHAHA).
I liked the trailer. the animation looks good, plus it's got James Marsden AND Kaley Cuoco, two people I find hilarious. However, Russell Brand sounds TERRIBLE! He sounds stiff and awkward. I think Ricky Gervais or John Oliver would have been worlds better.

I'll still check this out, though. Looks like Lynch wrote a fun script, and I adore the lead actors, so count me in.
Looks fun. Other writing credits include Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul for the story and screenplay. They wrote Despicable Me and Horton Hears a Who!.

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