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February 10 2011

The world according to Buffy. Another look at Buffy in academia. This time round, it's a class called "Research Mode: Critical Approaches to Buffy (and Stuff)" which is taught at the University of Washington.

ah, a class i could sink my teeth into.
Never did well in college, or any other school past 4th grade, lol, why? because, for the most part i was bored senseless.

But, a class on Buffy i would LOVE. I have these long deep discussions about Buffy with people, other fans mostly, that i find most satisfying.

I would totally audit that class if it were here where i live. lol
Oh Comparative History of Ideas, I loved you so. If only you wouldn't have made me learn two foreign languages there could have been some long-term major thing... (That may have been Comparative Literature in hindsight, I just remember that it was one of the awkward course acronyms.)

I wonder if there's been a running list of these CHID seminar/focus group things. I think I had one that actually was at least very Buffy adjacent but I was curious how cyclical this might be or what's deemed to have enough interest and/or even quasi-academic literature based on them. Like I do recall BSG and Harry Potter based courses.
It still amazes me that Buffy is still a topic at universities. This course is no exception,there are so many areas of the show that can still be explored.

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