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February 10 2011

Just announced! James Marsters will be joining several Verse favorites at Chicago Comic Con , August 11-14. James joins Julie Benz , Felicia Day, Mercedes McNab, and Angel cover artist Jenny Frison at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

They have a VIP special ticket option for Felicia who will only be there on Saturday. The VIP ticket includes some autographs and a photo as well as easy access extras (first entry to her panel, signings and photo ops.)

Can't wait for the Buffy panel!!

FYI: The name "Comic-Con" is exclusively held and reserved by the San Diego Comic-Con and at no time does Wizard call themselves "Comic-Con" in the accompanying link.
Also FYI, Felicia tweets this:
Hey I think that article is wrong, I am in Chicago for more than one day, not just Saturday? Double checking myself but dunno.

Are we reading the same article? I see the words "comic-con" popping up all over the article...
The secret is in the hyphen. Wizard use 'comic con' rather than 'comic-con'.

I'm not seeing the hyphen anywhere in the article. Can you show me where it appears?

It's entirely legal for Wizard to use the term "Comic Con", but including the hyphen to separate the words would be illegal.
It was in the W-esque headline so I altered it beyond time and space. I really don't know how to reply to Felica apart from "ummmm we'll amend the info if anything changes". Follow us on Twitter - we're awesome plus there's like dead good questions and quotes.
I hear ya Risch22. For those who don't know why Risch22 was in a tizzy about the hyphen, (I'm no mind reader but my best guess is) there's been a lot of bad blood in the comic convention industry for the last couple years. Wizard World has been buying up conventions like crazy and there's been fan-speculation about various organizers trying to "steal" the others show dates. I seem to recall even seeing dueling shows in the same town over the same days.

A millions years ago, I used to attend the Chicago Comic-Con. Then it was purchased by Wizard and became Wizard World. Now some fans think Gareb Shamus, the CEO of Wizard, is trying to create confusion by calling it the Chicago Comic Con instead of Wizard World. The whole thing kind of stinks if you ask me because it really highlights how much these shows are about the dollars (versus fan experiences).
I wasn't aware of this hyphen conundrum, I apologize. I thought it was just the phrase itself you took issue with.
Wow, $150 for the VIP experience? I thought it was only like $50 when Joss Whedon was the VIP at Chicago's Wizard World.
Its really not that bad embers...they give you the 4 day entry ticket (normally $50) and they also include a photo with Felicia and two autographs. Last year, (if memory serves) Nick Brendan autographs were $40 per item and Claire Kramer was $25/item and I think the photo ops were $40-50 you're getting about a $150 'worth' of stuff plus you get the VIP access to the panels and early entry to the show. So I guess if you were already going to get a weekend pass, two items signed and a photo with her, you're ahead of the game.

I wont be doing it but I'm sure some people will.
I appreciate the change Simon and thanks to alexreager for the understanding and the explanation. You give one of the reasons that I'm not at all a fan of Wizard, though there are others that I think are much worse. Anyway, it's not my place to bring up their past history into any thread, including this one, where Wizard is brought up. I'm happy for all the Whedon alums and fans who have the chance to meet each other. Thanks again for taking my concerns into account and I hope that anyone who attends will have a wonderful time.
You're right AlexReager: I thought at first it was $150 on top of the entrance fee, but it is all inclusive (not a bad deal at all). I'm still thinking about going, I really enjoyed it the time Joss was there!

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