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February 10 2011

Jonathan Woodward leads an able cast in A Rude Awakening. The play has been reported on here - found a couple of reviews.

Gaydar Nation's Review (play photos at the bottom of review), Interesting article about the playwright and A Rude Awakening.

A friend in the UK saw this and told me she thought it was the most homophobic play she'd ever seen. She said it was very weird and she couldn't really explain it to her husband. I can see now what she meant. I think it would have made me very uncomfortable.

Interesting that the UK considers Woodward a top name. I don't think the majority of people in the U.S. really knows who he is.
I don't think many in the UK know who Jonathan Woodward is either.
it's not so much the UK considering him a top name, more him being quite a good name for what is essentially an amatuer production. If he were on the West End there would be no such fuss.
Some friends went to see this last week while I was at home trying to buy Comic Con tickets.

From what I can gather, my experience involved fewer techincal hitches.
I've always felt Jonathan follows his own muse. He thought the material was interesting and took a chance, but it's unfortunately ironic that the the play is having the opposite effect of what was meant. The Gaydar Nation review said it best in its last paragraph.
The reverse discrimination to illustrate a point approach can be tricky to pull off, since you can end up with a "look how much worse THEY would be, if they were in charge" message unintentionally.

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