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February 11 2011

The Guild Officially Renewed for Season 5. So sayeth the official twitter feed. GigaOm has an article with more!

The article states the DVD is coming out in a few weeks; I'm assuming this means a different DVD because I am looking at my copy of season 4 on my shelf right now....
They are referring to an actual pressing (pre-order here) as opposed to the Amazon DVD-R made-to-order version.
sweet! I've been wondering about this for a while now!
Awesome. Season 4 was so great! Can't wait for season 5.
We kinda always knew Season 5 would happen, but it's great to have the official announcement.

Now what really makes me happy is the bit where Felicia says she's not writing season 5 as a finale!! =)
Hey Felicia. I love you. But not in a creepy way. Rock on Guild!
I kind of fell off the bandwagon in season 4, but I love me some Guildies, and hope this is their best season yet!
I have enjoyed every season of The Guild, and I particularly love Felicia's comics. I'm really happy they got renewed and I hope they do more musical numbers.
I hope they do more videos, too. I rewatched both Game On and Do You Want to Date My Avatar this last weekend, and love them so much. The Cheesy Beards "Taste My Pirate Patty!" commercial is also a real hoot.

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