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February 11 2011

Buffy & Serenity make up 8 of the top 10 Dark Horse graphic novels in 2010 via Bookscan data.

The Beat goes into Brian Hibbs' look into Bookscan data of graphic novels. This means graphic novels that sold just through book stores and no comic book stores are included in this data. What the Beat does different from Hibbs is the Beat compiled the data by publisher. So you can see how successful Joss' comics are to Dark Horse in book stores.

Unfortunately, the volume numbers for Buffy are cut off so you have to match up writer's names and in some cases it's still hard to tell when Joss is the writer. Either way, it shows that the early volumes of Buffy continue to sell and later volumes are still quite successful in book stores.

Heh, we were called Joss Whedon's completist "fanbasse."
I looked up completist. From - "noun
a collector who attempts to collect an example of every item in a particular field."

So I think that the author misses the point that everything Whedon touches is truly of mega importance to all of his arcs across all of his story lines. Also, Whedon's stuff is significantly more entertaining then everything else out there.

Ok, he's right.

My shirt for comic-con - "Whedonverse Completist."

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^ I think WilliamTheB was pointing out the spelling error, they wrote "fanbasse" and not fanbase, lol.
^ I think hann23 cared about the meaning of completist more than the misspelling, hence not paying it any mind.
I'm a number junkie -- thanks for that link. Those numbers seem really good to me. Now that we're down to around 40k per issue, the TPB sales would seem to be the more important source of revenue. And it's nice to see that all the Buffy volumes sell multiple thousands per year. And I'd guess it will be a steady seller for DH as well.
I'm hoping the Serenity Numbers will inspire more Product, sooner better than later.

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