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"Put the rats back in the maze, Topher. Before one of them bites you."
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February 12 2011

Live commentary of Dollhouse 1x12 - Omega with Tim Minear. Set TV volume to 0 and turn up your PC volume.

A great listen. (And the Paul being a nobody gag made me laugh, 'cos, yeah).
Thanks, gossi! I stayed up until 8 or 9 this morning, making sure folks got to hear this one sooner rather than later. It was a real treat for me and Tim was full of great insight for this episode. Can you believe he was worried he wouldn't have much to say because it had been so long since he'd worked on it?! Though it had been two years since the last recording, it felt to me like only two days had passed. I hope everyone enjoys it!
Haven't listened yet, but this is fantastic. Tim is my favorite TV writer working these days. He's just perfect <3
Wow, John had a productive night. Way to go! Can't wait to listen to it.
Great commentary, Tim, and thank you, kungfubear!
What a wonderful excuse to pull out my season 1 dvds!

I loved the commentary, especially the bit of insight for the Claire/Topher scene at the end. And of course, Paul being nobody. Poor Paul.

Props to Tim and kungfubear, this was great!
You know who are the best? Tim, obviously, and kungfubear for making it happen!
In just 2 days, this commentary has over 700 downloads, pushing the site's all time download numbers over 100,000! Wow!!!

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