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December 25 2003

2003's Most Daring TV. Angel comes in at #3 in this MSN Entertainment article about shows that engrossed us this year. "With "Buffy" retired, its spin-off can finally get the respect it's been deserving for the past four years. "

I liked the last line...

As long as the execs at the WB keep giving this show air time, Whedon and company will continue to turn out the smartest drama on network TV.

Also of broadcast network shows Angel is ranked highest, the number 1 and 2 shows mentioned are on cable/sat.

One last thing Firefly was mentioned on the gone but not forgotten list of daring tv shows.
Poor Firefly. It could have done so well if only it had a better time slot. Anyway, let's not fall back into old habbits. What's done is done. :(..
Christopher - don't count it out, although it may not return to TV as we know it, there is a new hybrid format on the horizon that may be able to bring the Firefly series back. It's called TVDVD, the pilot for this new fourm is another Fox series "Family Guy". If Firefly DVD sales are good enough and the TVDVD release of the "Family Guy" proves sucessful, the PTB at FOX Home Video may eye "Firefly" for resurection as well. So keeping it alive and getting it mentioned in the media anywhere can only help that cause.

And I am saying this as a pessimistic skeptic of anything Hollywood, I seldom believe they do anything right - but I am optimistic about one thing when it comes to Hollywood. If there is money to be made off something they will do it.

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I personally believe that there is not enough money to produce a show as expensive as Firefly and directly release it to dvd, and if it in fact did happen, it would only be for a few episodes. One thing I was wondering though, is how the ratings have favored in the UK, and if Fox had shopped the show to any british companies, which could then be imported to america?
Well, if internet orders help Firefly's success, I've helped! Just ordered my series, last week.

I've mentioned to many people that Firefly's a really good show and it's amazing how stupid I was to miss all of the episodes while they aired, originally. I guess alot of people did.

It was the stupid time slot that did this. I'll keep spreading the greatness of Firefly around, I guess.
Christopher, a lot of people missed it when it first aired because they didn't even know it was on. It was hardly promoted at all in my area and I only knew about it because I'm such a Joss Whedon fanatic. I talked to many people after it had been cancelled who had never even heard of it or knew it had been on that would've loved it.

I hope you're right RavenU - I'd buy it direct from DVD even if it cost more and I'm sure it would. But it would probably be better because they wouldn't have to worry about some exec telling them what episodes they should show first and what they should put in it. Joss could go wild with his imagination!
Gorilla, The Family Guy is a massively expensive show to produce..I can't imagine that Firefly could/would be more expensive...

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The fact that the "OC" finds itself at #4, completly takes away all validity this article ever had for me.

Don't get me wrong or nothing, I love me some OC, even gave up Angel for a while to watch it. Find it rather enjoyable, but "daring" and "challenging" and "kept us guessing"?? Are they watching the same show that I was? It's simply 90210 updated, and even though I loved me some 90210... I wouldn't go so far and put it's predecesor in a list with the likes of Alias and 24... but I digress
Sorry, nychick, I disagree with you. The O.C. and Angel are my two favorite dramas each week, before Alias, 24, Smallville and CSI. Joan of Arcadia is close behind, but maybe only because my whole family is able to watch and enjoy it so much. Wednesdays at 9 is when I'm most thankful for my DVR.

I believe that The O.C. is "daring," "challenging," and keeps us guessing because the writing and the characters are so well done. Think about your and all of our lives. The business (and pleasure) of living is daring, challenging and keeps us guessing every single day.
If you want to read an interesting article about the shows most likely not to beneift from the new format read the following TV on DVD basically all the 90210-ish shows out there now will have a hard time transfering to DVD do to music rights issues. Which I think opens up the market even more for Firefly to find it's home on a TV to DVD series market. Also with the announcement just recently of B5-Crusades going in that direction FOX will scramble even more to cash in since at this point in time they are making the most money in that particular market. It will top $1.5 Billion dollars in sales this year just for TV DVD titles alone. That is a 66% increase over last year.
From another article - which you have to subscribe to so I'll post the important pieces here
Retail sales of TV shows should exceed $1 billion for the year, a number so big that it's beginning to affect how networks and studios look at programming.
Cartoon Family Guy, which had three so-so seasons on Fox, is the top-selling TV-based DVD for 2003. Home Box Office has recouped the entire cost of the early seasons of hit The Sopranos from DVD sales alone.
Twentieth Century Fox Television Co-President Dana Walden, despite the studio's success with TV-DVD hits like The WB's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spinoff Angel and Fox Broadcasting's 24, is still being careful. "It's very difficult to target what will work and what won't. I don't know that it's affecting the development process right now. It's a little premature."
That said, Walden acknowledged that DVD sales were weighted fairly heavily in the budgeting of Fox reality series The Simple Life, featuring celebutantes Paris Hilton and Nichole Ritchie in Arkansas. But she considers The Simple Life a unique product.
Serials Sell
One pattern seems to be the success of serialized shows that viewers need to follow week to week to keep track of the storyline: 24, Buffy, Sopranos. (That helps defray the cost of making them, but, ultimately, serial shows still have a tough time making a profit because they usually stumble in syndication.)
One reason studios are so shy about precise numbers is talent. Show creators get a full, fat cut of home-video revenues. But actors, writers and their agents didn't necessarily foresee the TV-DVD boom. They certainly are aware of it now. "I won't talk about guild issues," said one senior TV studio executive. "And that's off the record."

I just find Hollywood a fasinating Beast to study sometimes.

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