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February 12 2011

Vertically Challenged Villains in BtVS. The Deadly Doll's House of Horror is celebrating a month of villains in small packages. Up today, some familiar faces from BtVS.

Poor Jonathan. The author's comment on watching the entire run start to finish 3 times got me wondering about my own viewing, and other whedonesquers.
I think I've watched the entire show, not just episodes here and there, probably six or seven times, maybe more. I watched all the episodes' original airings, and the DVDs while I run on the treadmill. They're perfectly paced for a 43 minute workout.
The entire way through, probably only three times myself. But select episodes, oh gosh. I used to just put Buffy on in the background while I did homework in high school. So who knows.
Yes, 3 times seemed kinda like a small number to me. I've seen it all 4 or 5 times (I'm actually always on a rewatch, with breaks here and there), and individual eps a bit more.

I was going to complain if Jonathan was not on this list, but thankfully it didn't come to that.
I'm betting I've probably seen Buffy about 5 times through and Angel about 4 times through. That's not counting random desires to watch specific episodes though.
I don't want to even try and figure out how many times I've seen every episode. Lets just say I could probably list the entire episode order off by heart from S1-S7 (and the S8 comics) and that I could probably quote every scene if asked to. I don't know how many times I've marathoned the series the whole way through, though, as I usually marathon certain arcs or seasons but mostly just watch any random episode out of order.

I've seen AtS a lot too but nowhere near as much as BtVS. I need a life.
I'm doing Nikki Stafford's rewatch. It's nice going through it and discussing the episodes. I'm finding things I didn't realize before. (School Hard! Die Hard! I can't believe I didn't get that!)
Hmm. I'd say I've probably seen the series at least 15 times. It even feels like an exaggeration to myself when I say that but then I work out the times I've watched it alone (original run/summer rewatch/VHS/DVD/numerous rewatches) and when I've converted other people to the series I think that's probably about right. Individual episodes like OMWF though I have no idea because I've watched that a lot.

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