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February 12 2011

Nathan Fillion to Mingle with David Letterman. Captain Tightpants arrives on the 'Late Show' on Thursday; will share the hour with Paris Hilton. ETA: And Nathan will also be guesting on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show today (i.e. Sunday) at 3pm PST.

As an Edmontonian, and the original poster, Fillion is my hero. I watch Letterman every night and I can't wait because this is a perfect match. Finally glad he made it to Letterman; there is a more select group that get to be on the 'Late Show' with Letterman -- as oppose to the other talk shows -- and there is a reason for that.

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Totally trying to score tickets!
Oooo, I hope they got along really well, Dave likes to bring back guests he laughs with. I've also been hoping Nathan would show up again on The Late Late Show, he and Craig got along so well the first time, but they seemed a little off the second time.
More wows and more congrats, this time for NF hitting the big time!

I was a devoted Dave watcher back before my work switched to the asininely-early shift. May have to tape this one....
The interview with Kevin Pollack is now up. Almost two hours long! Haven't watched it yet, but we'll assume it's a good one.
I was on the live streaming of Kevin Pollack's Pollak's interview last night and it was wonderful. Nathan is a very entertaining guest and the show was a lot of fun (well worth purchasing on iTunes).

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That's Pollak, no C. Agreed. It was a great episode!

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